Wikileaks Makes Extraordinary Claim: HRC Colluded With Foreign Government To Win 2016 Election, Frame Trump


Opinion – ICYMI 3/18 –  In a series of tweets last night, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange laid a out a trail of evidential dots that, if determined to be more than coincidence, will prove that both the British government and Britain’s intelligence agencies had participated in the plot to end Donald Trump’s candidacy and then later his presidency. 

If Assange is right, there is no reason to think he isn’t because his history in these matters has been spot on, then the bigger question is just how badly had Obama weakened/compromised our intelligence agencies, our relationships with former allies, and the Department of Justice.

So Brennan was going after Donald Trump when he was a candidate and continues undermining him now that he’s president but it was Brennan who followed Obama’s orders and ignored the multiple countries working for Hillary’s election.

Brennan’s tweet evidences, if not the existence of a global government then at least a global conspiracy to control American elections and, ultimately America.

Buckle up, there’s more coming.

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