Laura Ingraham Wrecks Oprah After She Implies Trump Supporters/MAGA Voters Are Racist


Alt-Left television personality Oprah Winfrey was all over the news when she made the decision to compare supporter of President Donald Trump, Georgia Gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp, to the racists who “lynched” African Americans.

The leftist then implied that Kemp (along with his supporters) were hoping to bring the state of Georgia back to times of segregation.

When Fox News’ Laura Ingraham (who is never one to be shy about expressing her opinion) heard the news about Oprah’s ridiculous comment, she decided to say something.

Subject Politics explains that Ingraham “exposed Oprah’s sick, race-bating comments and unloaded on her in a segment that is going viral.”

The Fox News host lost it on Winfrey, Sarah Silverman, among other leftist Hollywood clout chasers.

The liberal media and their Hollywood puppets are constantly spreading lies about the Trump administration and those who support them. Ingraham felt it was time to say something.

Take a look at the clip of Ingraham below:

Ingraham stated of the liberal talk show host, “To try to tie the candidacy of the Georgia Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Brian Kemp to the scourge of racism, and even lynchings. Come on Oprah.

It’s dehumanizing. It’s completely baseless. It’s totally cruel… You’re much better than that.”

Ingraham continued, “This kind of broad brush race-bating desensitizes us to the real racists out there.”

“What did Kemp ever do, besides running against a black opponent? Nothing,” She answered.

“Gotta hand it to Oprah. She’s a great speaker… But I kinda liked her better she was giving away Toyota’s and refrigerators,” Ingraham stated with the knock-out punch.

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