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BREAKING: Newly Released Declassified Material Proves Obama Admin Conspiracy To Destroy Candidate AND President Trump


Opinion | Mainstream Media has fully embraced it’s self prescribed role as overt advocates for the ever-creeping American police state.

This is borne out in their hysterical response to the decision of President Trump to declassify via Executive Action, documents that could help understand the depth of corruption that was cultivating within the Obama Administration and the DOJ.

How else could they possibly explain their demands for Congressional hearings following four separate investigations (including one by a special counsel who had been granted broad proprietorial powers), that have cleared President Trump?

Can you think of any other reason the media, which thrives on leaking classified information and salacious fabrications, would suddenly decry massive tranches of previously classified materials?

Even the propaganda media’s new-found concern for protecting sources and methods stinks like three-day old fish.

For a number of reasons, too.

Jeff Carlson/the Epoch Times explains one reason:

…the New York Times rushed out a story decrying Barr’s investigation and the pending declassification, citing potential risk to a CIA Asset from the declassification. The reality is the article by the New York Times appeared to be designed to actually burn that same CIA source in advance of the pending declassification.

The description provided by the New York Times—male, still alive, long-nurtured by the CIA, close to Putin, highly placed and provided information to the CIA about his involvement in Russia’s 2016 election interference—appears sufficient to allow for foreign intelligence agencies to determine the source’s underlying identity.

Another likely reason could be that the propaganda media is hell-bent on destroying the country’s duly elected leader – the only national leader voted upon in all fifty states – to ostensibly save one, or even a handful, of sources who Attorney General William Barr is already most likely planning on protecting anyay.

That magnitude of hypocrisy cannot be ignored, especially after the same media spent eight years burning sources, destroying whistle-blowers, disseminating disinformation and telling outright lies in defense of Barack Hussein Obama.

My conclusion is that the MSM’s primary role has become defenders of the Deep State that Obama intentionally left entrenched.  

The level of the probable corruption is magnified when we look at President Trump’s declassification directive:

We already know about the corrupt intent of DNI James Clapper, CIA Director John Brennan, the Attorney General’s Office (Loretta Lynch as well as the FBI) and the involvement of members of the State Department (Hillary Clinton/John Kerry).

But it’s the extent of the president’s directive that gives A.G. Barr expansive investigative powers across much of the rest of the government that is stunning.

The authorizing document suggests that President Trump is aware that the Spygate conspiracy only scratches the surface of the the financial corruption, and the police state that Obama created., to protect it.

The inclusion of the Treasury Department, the Department of Energy, the Defense Department, and even Homeland Security, suggests President Trump has found evidence of a much broader conspiracy – a financial conspiracy – that would explain the desperation of those who sought to remove him from office.

Even the authorization of A.G. Barr tells us that President Trump has grown frustrated watching his appointees – FBI Director Christopher Wray and Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats – effort to protect the institutions they head rather than expose and exorcise the corruption that exists within them.

Under normal circumstance, DNI Coats would be the natural choice to do this job.  But, in the current environment, the president has chosen the man he has come to trust the most – William Barr – to do this job.

No man, or group of men, has ever endeavored to take down a criminal syndicate this large and that has insinuated itself so completely inside the many governmental institutions – including the courts – as the attorney general is now being tasked with doing.

The future of our freedoms, and the freedoms of those who follow us, rests on Barr’s shoulders.  There will be no second chances if he fails.

Pray for him.

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About Jack Crane

Jack Crane has been a writer and journalist for over 17 years. He has volunteered around the world with humanitarian projects and has several books and memoirs partially written, and hopes to finish them all some day.


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