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Sean Hannity Exposes Nadler’s Disgusting Plan To Trap AG Barr, But It Just Got Even Worse


Opinion | Jack Crane – Fox News host Sean Hannity unloaded during his opening monologue last night.

On the show Sean noted that House Judiciary Committee chairman Jerry Nadler is now trying to get Attorney General William Barr to commit a crime.

Nadler has asked Barr to reveal Grand Jury information to other Democratic leaders. If he doesn’t oblige, Barr could be taken away in handcuffs.

Hannnity showed a clip of Johnathan Turley, George Washington University Public Law Professor, explaining to the Executive Privilege and Congressional Oversight committee that the contempt action of the committee was not only “unfounded,” but that it it goes to court, the committee will lose.

Turley said clear that if Barr releases the full unreacted report, it would “be a crime,” and that they would see a “world of hurt.”

In Barr’s defense, Hannity said that he has tried to be as open as possible according to the law, and has given open access to most of the Mueller report.

Hannity said that if Democrats just took the time, they could see “almost all of it.” He said that with the exception of one sentence and seven partial sentences, they could read all of the report. 

Hannity also sent a strong warning to former FBI Director James Comey on his show Thursday night.

“We’ve warned Jimbo, it’s not a good look when your own general counsel is comparing you to J. Edgar Hoover. Of course, the FBI chief who was famous for abusing power, spying on Americans, and, yes, blackmailing his political adversaries,” Hannity said.

Hannity had these questions in his mind: “Hold on a second. If you didn’t take the Hillary-bought-and-paid-for Russian dossier seriously or literally, why did James Comey in October of 2016 swear — it says at the top of the FISA application, verified — Why did he swear that the contents were true and accurate in the first FISA request? Why was that request marked verified at the very top?

Did James Comey lie then or did he lie in January of 2017 when he said to then President-elect Trump, it’s salacious but not verified.

The Fox News host close his monologue on these issues like this: “The once powerful high ranking members of this ‘Deep State’ that we have been talking about and exposing for two years tonight [are] running scared and they are now turning on each other,” Hannity said.

“You couldn’t put this in a spy novel but it’s all true.”

Credit: Fox News

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