VIDEO: ‘Professor’ Attacks People At Flag Rally, Gets Submitted By Female MMA Fighter


Professional mixed martial arts fighter Tara LaRosa was forced to use her combat skills against a woman who screamed “F*** the Proud Boys” and attacked multiple people at a flag wave rally held to honor veterans in Portland, Oregon on Sunday.

Video shows a woman screaming “Get the f*** out of here! Get the f*** out of here b****!” before punching another woman holding an American flag in the face.

Tara LaRosa, a professional MMA fighter with a record of 22-5, was livestreaming at the event when she witnessed the altercation.

Footage from LaRosa’s Periscope stream shows her saying, “Break it up! Yo, guys, stop!” before putting away her phone and intervening in the situation.

The video then shows LaRosa pinning a woman to the ground who screams “Get off me, I am a professor!”

The woman then attempts to deny attacking anyone, despite video evidence to the contrary.

“I was just having brunch with my friends and then you antagonized the city I live in,” the self-proclaimed professor wails.

The woman is eventually let up and she sits with her back to the overpass ranting about “Trump” until police arrive.

LaRosa resumed livestreaming when police arrived, and described the situation: “A violent woman got violent, and luckily jiu-jitsu was there.”

LaRosa told police that her group was on the overpass, facing passing cars and waving flags, when the “professor” approached them from behind and started screaming “F*** Proud Boys!”

LaRosa added that the woman punched her eight to 10 times and bit her breast through her clothing:

Full footage of the altercation can be found on LaRosa’s Periscope stream below:

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