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Biden Said He Would Wipe Out Hundreds of Thousands Of American Jobs For Climate Change


Former Vice President and 2020 hopeful Joe Biden (D-DE), during Thursday’s Democratic debate, admitted he is willing to sacrifice hundreds of thousands of blue collar jobs in oil and gas to help fight climate change.

Translation:  Biden will say anything to get elected, even if it’s a kooky socialist conspiracy theory that man can actually change the climate.

Tim Alberta, one of the moderators asked:

“Three consecutive American presidents have enjoyed stints of explosive economic growth due to a boom in oil and natural gas production.

As president, would you be willing to sacrifice some of that growth, even knowing potentially that it could displace thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of blue-collar workers in the interest of transitioning to that greener economy?”

“The answer is yes,” the former vice president said.

Has a Democrat in modern history ever answered no to a loaded liberal question from a loaded liberal moderator or news pundit?

“Are you willing to commit Seppuku for the children of East Anglia?”  “The answer is yes.”  #SMH

Biden went on to give the Democrat cookie cutter response they always give when admitting they’re going to upend thousands of American lives by taking their jobs away for a policy they think will help them get elected:

“The answer is yes, because the opportunity, the opportunity for those workers to transition to high paying jobs, as Tom [Steyer] said, is real.

We’re the only country that’s taken great crises and turned them into enormous opportunities.”


So, Biden basically told hundreds of thousands of American workers they should learn to code, because he just targeted their livelihood.  And he expects them to vote for him?

Biden always comes off looking like he just wandered onto the debate stage like some old drunk who was asking where’s the bathroom.

This is the difference between Donald Trump and the kooky Left.  Whereas the Left is all about big government getting even bigger, Trump is about the economy getting even bigger.  The latter means American’s lives continue to get better, while the former means more government control, less freedom for Americans, and a less happy life.

It’s a no-brainer.  Vote Trump in 2020 to Keep America Great.

Most of the 2020 nut jobs on stage, and those who didn’t make it to the debate, have plans to fix their climate change hoax, and it always requires Americans to sacrifice for the greater good, the greater good being an ever-expanding government.  Ever wonder why government never has to sacrifice anything?  Why is it that under Democrats, it’s always the people who have to sacrifice and never their precious government?

“We have enormous opportunities,” Biden continued without getting into the details of what those opportunities were. “There are so many things we can do. We have to make sure we explain it to those people who are displaced – that their skills are going to be needed for the new opportunities.”

Not a single moderator followed up with, “Really, Joe? What are those opportunities you’re telling people whose jobs you just targeted for termination?”

The closest he got was by pulling a fictitious number out of his rear end about green technology:

“We shouldn’t build another new highway in America that doesn’t have charging stations on it. We have an opportunity to put 550,000 charging stations so that we own the electrical vehicle market, creating millions of jobs for people installing them, as well making sure that we own electric vehicle market,” Biden said.

This is a man with an exploding eye, a jaw that falls off of his face, and can’t put two sentences together without slurring or screwing it up, and he claims he’ll be the face of the modern world of technology.  Yeah, and I’m Mary, Queen of Scots.

So, I guess Biden wants those energy sector workers, who have worked in oil, fracking, and natural gas for years, to give up their livelihood to go work a temporary job building charging stations on new highways, making about half what they previously earned.  What an idiot.  This is how Hillary Clinton hurt herself in 2016 when she admitted that she was going to put coal minors, and subsequently their families, out of work, but not to worry, the government will pay for their retraining to maybe learn how to use Microsoft Word.

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