Chicago Mayor Distracts From Real Crimes By Making Phony Attempt To ‘Clean Up’ CPD


Chicago’s police superintendent, Eddie Johnson, was fired on Monday by Mayor Lori Lightfoot, citing “ethical lapses” and “intentional dishonesty” regarding an incident that happened last October.

Johnson’s firing came only a few weeks after he announced plans to retire by the end of year, making is firing seem petty and political.

The incident that happened caused Johnson to decide to leave his post, while he was facing serious scrutiny over an encounter that happened on the night of October 17, where police officers found the superintendent fast asleep in his car at a stop sign.

Mayor Lightfoot said that Johnson had confessed to her that he had “a couple of drinks with dinner” and then got behind the wheel of his car that night.

The incident was still being investigated as of Monday.

“Today, I am announcing that I have terminated Eddie Johnson’s employment with the City of Chicago, effective immediately,” Lighfoot said in a statement on Monday.  “Upon a thorough review of the materials of the Inspector General’s ongoing investigation, it has become clear that Mr. Johnson engaged in a series of ethical lapses that are intolerable.

Mr. Johnson was intentionally dishonest with me and communicated a narrative replete with false statements regarding material aspects of the incident that happened in the early morning hours of October 17.

“Had I known all the facts at the time, I would have relieved him of his duties as superintendent then and there.

“Perhaps worst of all, Mr. Johnson has misled the people of Chicago. The 13,400 sworn and civilian members of the Chicago Police Department who work hard every day deserve a leader who they can believe in.

In public life, we must be accountable for our actions and strive to do better every day. And to achieve the reform and accountability in the department that we know is urgently needed, we require a leader whose actions reflect the integrity and legitimacy of what it means to be a Chicago Police Officer.

I am confident that incoming Interim Superintendent Beck is such a leader, and that both he and the eventual permanent superintendent will serve with honor.”

Johnson, a native-born Chicagoan, worked his way up the ladder working just about every rank throughout his 30 plus years on the Chicago police force.

He was named superintendent in 2016 by then Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who fired Superintendent Garry McCarthy after video was released showing Officer Jason Van Dyke fatally shooting 17-year-old Laquan McDonald.

Johnson, who was then appointed as the interim chief, was given the job without ever asking for it, by Emanuel who disregarded the recommendations of the police board and chose him to replace McCarthy.

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