Doctor Infects ‘900 Children’ with HIV After Reusing Syringes


A ‘rogue’ doctor infected up to 900 children with HIV after reusing syringes which he had previously discarded.

According to The Sun, the doctor is still working as a GP–in spite of the scandal.

Dr. Muzaffar Ghanghro, whose practice is in Ratodero, Pakistan, has been accused of using the same needle on over fifty children at his affordable ($0.20 per visit) practice.

Local police handed him with negligence and manslaughter charges after 1,100 of his patients tested positive for HIV in less than a year.

Within those 1,100 HIV+ patients, 900 are children.

One family had four children testing positive for HIV after seeing Dr Ghangro–the youngest two died shortly after contracting the virus.

Imtiaz Jalbani–who had four of his six children test positive for HIV–claims that he saw Dr. Ghangro searching for a needle in a bin before administering a shot to his six-year-old son.

Another witness claims they saw Dr. Ghangro use the same drip on around 50 children without ever changing the needle.

Local officials have stated that Dr. Ghangro is unlikely to be the only source for the HIV outbreak.

Dr. Ghangro continues to insist his innocence and is yet to be struck off as a medical professional, as he was allowed to continue working before his trial.

Pakistan hasn’t enjoyed the best human right’s record.

Recently, a young girl was stoned to death by her family and tribe elders for allegedly planning to elope in secret.

Members of her community who spoke out about the girl’s honor killing were threatened with death by the tribe elders.

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