Mayor Pete Lied During Thursday’s Debate Saying ICE Raids ‘Do Not Make Our Country Safe’


2020 NOPEful Mayor Pete Buttigieg lied in last night\s PBS/Politico 2020 Democrat presidential primary debate when he said that deportation raids by federal agents do not make American communities safer.

This nitwit, with the unpronounceable name, promised to give reparations to illegal aliens – but not African American descendants of slaves – while claiming that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raids on criminal illegal aliens “do not make our country safe.”

Democrats are willing to make us less safe, and lie about it, if it means helping them gain power.  It’s disgusting.

That is the latest Orwellian newspeak from the Sound Bend, Indiana mayor who wants to be our Commander-in-Chief.  And he should know since he hangs out with MS-13 gang members all the time at the local pubs in South Bend, right?  They’re all upstanding citizens, salt of the earth types.

The New Jersey Commission of Investigation in 2018 conducted Research that concluded that mass deportations of illegal aliens helped free American communities of threats such as MS-13 gang members, which plagues neighborhoods from New York to Virginia.

“In the 1990s and through the 2000s, law enforcement sought to counter MS-13’s growing influence by enlisting U.S. immigration authorities to deport tens of thousands of immigrants who had been convicted of crimes in the United States,” the report reads.

“The strategy proved a stopgap solution,” the report said about mass deportation efforts. “While it initially diminished MS-13 in California, it exported the gang’s culture to Central America…”  And they can have them since many of them originated south of our border from Mexico on down.  Good riddance.

From Breitbart:

The research also discovered that cooperation between ICE and local law enforcement agencies helped not only deport illegal alien gang members, but also prosecute and lock up those nationals.

“Visible MS-13 activity in New Jersey has waned considerably in the past three years, the result of aggressive prosecutions at the state and federal levels and a close partnership with ICE,” the report noted. “Dozens of MS-13 members now sit in prison for crimes that include racketeering, conspiracy, and murder.”

The Left tells us that there are about 11 million million illegal aliens living in the US at any given time.  They’ve been throwing out that number since the 1980’s, and they expect us to believe it’s never gone up.  Common sense alone tells us it’s more like 30 million or above are here illegally, and about eight million of them are taking jobs away from American working and middle class families.  Either way, illegals working here is what has kept wages down for decades.

Yes, Mayor Pete, ICE raids make us safer and more prosperous.

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