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Moderate House Democrats Suggest ‘Censure Resolution’ Over Impeachment To Save Their Hides


A group of moderate House Democrats, who won their seats in districts President Trump won in 2016, are trying to float the idea of “censuring” the president over his phone call  with Ukraine instead of impeachment, a tactical move that would protect them from a seat-losing vote on impeachment later this month.

I didn’t know moderate Democrats were still a thing.

I figured they all went nuts about ten years ago, but apparently, there are still some Democrats who may be progressive, but aren’t stupid.

Who knew?

According to Politico, “A small group of vulnerable House Democrats is floating the longshot idea of censuring President Donald Trump instead of impeaching him, according to multiple lawmakers familiar with the conversations.”

Republicans and conservative actually want a Senate trial, so that the Senate can call witnesses like Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, the whistleblower, Nancy Pelosi and her little dog too.

“Those Democrats, all representing districts that Trump won in 2016, huddled on Monday afternoon in an 11th-hour bid to weigh additional — though unlikely — options to punish the president for his role in the Ukraine scandal as the House speeds toward an impeachment vote next week,” adds the website.

When asked about a possible censure vote on Tuesday, Shrader said, “I think it’s certainly appropriate and might be a little more bipartisan, who knows?”  He added, “Time’s slipping by.”

These are Democrats who realize they could lose their House seats in the next election if impeachment happens whether Trump is acquitted in the Senate or not; and there’s every indication that he will be.

The elephant in the room (pun intended) is that House Republicans have done a fantastic job exposing how radical the Trump-hating House Democrats in the Intelligence and Judiciary committees, especially their chairmen, have acted as they ran a phony impeachment inquiry process where they literally abandoned Constitutional and democratic principles by rigging the entire process against the president and House Republicans.  Americans saw through it, and they’re pissed.

“Right now, there’s no other options. This is another option,” said one lawmaker familiar with the subject.

Their lone voice of sanity will more-than-likely be cause for punishment by Pelosi after Democrats impeach the president for doing absolutely nothing wrong.

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