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MUST SEE VIDEO Makes the Rounds Just in Time for the Much Anticipated Horowitz IG Report Due Out on Monday


This would be the video of the year if Horowitz was an honest broker of the truth, but I’m afraid that the Obama and Sessions appointee is just another cog in the Deep State wheel.

Fortunately, he is not the last word on the subject.

Perhaps AG Barr saw this coming when he appointed John Durham to investigate the same ground as Horowitz but with the power to indict and convene grand juries to insure that the guilty do not go free.

Durham has the mandate that will allow him to move on FISA abuse after what I think will be a whitewash by the IG.

The report is scheduled to be out toay and it will resemble Comey’s whitewash of Hillary Clinton.

But, this hilarious video will entertain you and hopefully give you insight into the future if justice does actually triumph over evil.

From The Gateway Pundit

Finally after months and months and months of delays, Inspector General Michael Horowitz is expected to release his major report on the Barack Obama administration’s FISA abuse on Monday.

Horowitz spent nearly two years examining the FBI’s surveillance of Trump advisor Carter Page, at the time a foreign policy adviser to the Trump campaign.

If the report is a wash then Americans will know the deep state is still in charge and can and will spy on any American whenever they damn well please.

If the report is accurate and truthful several top Obama officials will need to lawyer up for their criminal actions against an opposition party during a national election and into his first year in office.

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