NC House Candidate: Conservative Inc. ‘Needs to Die’ For Refusing Immigration Moratorium


North Carolina congressional candidate Pete D’Abrosca appeared on the Tucker Carlson Tonight cable television program Friday night to discuss his proposal for a blanket moratorium on all net immigration to the United States.

D’Abrosca outlined his vision for zero net immigration during the segment: “About 200,000 people leave the United States every year. Bringing in 200,000 legal aliens would be fine, but the bottom line is we would like to have no population increase from legal immigration.”

“Oh, you’re not allowed to say that,” Carlson quipped, “because the left controls the terms that the right uses, as you know, and you’re allowed to say under duress that you’re against illegal immigration, but you’re never allowed to say that there should be some absolute cap.”

“Well, those are the old party rules, Tucker,” D’Abrosca said. “There’s a new Republican party in town and it’s people like myself who are younger, and less controlled by the Conservative Inc. crowd and the political elites.”

“We understand the game, and we understand that the Chamber of Commerce has bought and paid for our Congress people,”D’Abrosca continued, “and we understand that it has bought and paid for organizations like Turning Point USA and media outlets like the Daily Wire, for example, who are not meaningfully conservative in any way and can never be trusted to conserve anything.”

“They’re going to attack you on a bunch of different levels for saying this,” Tucker acknowledged.

D’Abrosca went on to explain that the roughly one million legal immigrants brought into the country every year are having a profoundly negative impact on the not just the working class, but the middle class as well.

“Even Republicans, supposed conservatives, are lobbying right now to increase high skilled tech visas,” D’Abrosca said.

“Now, imagine being an ordinary American and going to college with the idea that there’s upward mobility in society, that you’re going to improve your life by going to college and taking on $100,000+ in student debt, and you get out of college and you’re competing with a foreigner for a computer engineering job.”

“But that’s the free market, we’re told [by the GOP establishment],” Carlson said sarcastically.

“That is,” D’Abrosca agreed. “And in a lot of senses, the free market capitalism of Wall Street is much different than the free market capitalism of Main Street.”

The full interview with D’Abrosca can be watched below:


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