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Judge Jeanine and Dr. Baden May Have Just Found the Proof that Epstein was Murdered! (VIDEO)


Judge Jeanine Pirro and famed forensic expert may have found the smoking gun in the Jeffrey Epstein death.

Both are experts on strangulation deaths. There were three bones broken in the neck that are not common in suicide by hanging deaths and is even more pronounced in the death of Epstein.

How rare is it for those three bones to be broken during a suicide (or even a homicide, for that matter)? One percent.

That looks a bit suspicious, but when you take other facts into account, the odds are much less than 1%.

On his knees, Epstein was four feet tall, but the rope was tied at just 3.5 feet. That would make it virtually impossible to put on the kind of pressure necessary to break the neck bones.

In Montreal, a study was made into hanging deaths, and they found that of 239 deaths, only two had the same neck bones broken. Those broken bones are more consistent with strangulation than by suicide.

Of course, nothing is absolute, but it does raise the question of why officials are not following this up. Epstein’s testimony could have wrecked the lives of the rich, famous, and powerful.

From The Gateway Pundit

During the discussion, Judge Jeanine and Dr. Baden and showed convincing evidence that Epstein’s death was not a suicide.

Epstein’s bed was 5′ 6″ tall.  Epstein was 4′ tall on his knees.  The noose was found tied to the bed at 3’6′. According to Dr. Baden, the height of the tie would not bring enough force to break ANY bones, let alone three bones in his neck.

Judge Jeanine: Now I want to be real clear. I want the viewers to understand. I’ve tried these intentional strangulation cases too. The breaking of the hyoid bone, the fracture of the two Thyroid cartilage, that means serious force on the neck. That you don’t normally get in a hanging. Especially in a hanging. I want the next screen guys. Here’s a bunk bed. The height is 5’6″. On his knees Epstein is 4′ tall. You now have been able to identify that the tie is right there (around 3′ 6″).

Dr. Baden: The ligature is tied up here (3’6″) but it’s down to the floor as far as the body goes. So there’s not enough force there to cause ANY fracture.

Judge Jeanine: Any fracture at all, let alone these fractures?

Dr. Baden: Right.

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