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WATCH: Democrats Cheering and Applauding During ‘Sad and Somber’ Impeachment Proves This Was A Witch Hunt


For what Democrats kept telling voters was a “sad and somber” moment in American history, House Democrats clapped and celebrated after they passed two articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump.  This was even after Nancy Pelosi, who will go down in history as the most corrupt Speaker of the House for impeaching a president she and the Democrats knew did absolutely nothing wrong, told them not to, so that she could portray the event as Democrats solemnly doing their Constitutional duty for the good of the country.

When the first article of impeachment for “Abuse of Power” passed, which isn’t even listed as a crime, Democrats broke out in applause for a few seconds.  Pelosi gave them her most stern high school principal daggers and shut it down immediately.

There was one Democrat who actually shouted “Yay!” according to a Politico reporter:

“At least one Democrat shouted “yay!” and several clapped after the House voted to impeach Trump for abuse of power — defying Pelosi’s precise orders not to celebrate.

Shortly afterwards, cheers of “four more years” broke out on GOP side.”

After the second article for “Obstruction of Congress” passed, which is absurd on the face of it, someone again shouted what sounded like, “Yay!”

House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA) tweeted out a video that showed Pelosi giving Democrats the stern look to get them to stop clapping:

“WATCH → Dems expose their true colors.

Nancy Pelosi had to shut down Democrat applause when the first article of impeachment passed.

So much for Dems claiming impeachment is “solemn” for them.

What a ridiculous lie!”

Democrats got what they wanted since before Trump was sworn into office.  The charges against him would be laughable if they weren’t so outrageous.

They charged Abuse of Power over the phone call the president had with the president of Ukraine, with the bald-faced lie that Trump leveraged US aid against Ukrainian President Zelensky to get his government to investigate a political rival, Joe Biden.  Ironically, Joe Biden actually did leverage $1 billion in US aid against the previous Ukrainian president, Poroshenko, to get him to fire the prosecutor who was investigating his son Hunter and Burisma Holdings, the gas company paying the vice president’s son $83,000 a month for having absolutely no experience in the gas industry.  As president, Trump has every right to get to the bottom of such corruption, yet Democrats have now impeached Trump for doing his job, while completely ignoring the corruption of Joe Biden.  You can’t make this stuff up.

By now we have all read the transcript, and if you haven’t, you most certainly have heard from those who have that there was nothing wrong found in it.  The president did not do what the Democrats just impeached him over, proving that the impeachment had nothing to do with anything the president did.  They hate him, and how he is restoring America to its greatness after decades of Washington screwing over the middle class, and they will not have it.

They also charged Obstruction of Justice, because the president did not want to participate in their railroading him for things he did not do.  It’s amazing how Democrats kept arguing that no one is above the law and that the Congress and Executive branches are co-equal branches of government, yet they ignore that differences between the two branches, and because they are co-equal, are supposed to be worked out by the third branch of government, the Judicial branch.  That’s why we have a Judicial branch.

The clapping and celebrating by House Democrats shows the level of hatred against Trump by every member who voted yes, many of them either worried or oblivious that they may lose their seats because of that vote.  That cheering was not what the leaders of the farce impeachment had planned.

The Congresswoman who presided over the debates prior to the vote, Representative Diana DeGette (D-CO) took to social media to explain how she felt about her role:

“Speaker Pelosi has asked me to serve as speaker pro tempore and preside over the House for today’s impeachment debate.

This is a sad and somber moment in our nation’s history and the responsibility to preside is something I won’t take lightly.”

She voted to impeach.

Everything the Democrats have done to this president, and it’s a huge list of ridiculousness, has been to overturn the 2016 election results and to interfere in the 2020 election.  There is no other way to see it, given the so-called evidence they have provided.

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