Attorney Sidney Powell Just Caught DOJ Prosecutor Van Grack Committing Subornation of Perjury


General Michael Flynn was scheduled to be sentenced this month, but his lawyer, Sidney Powell, says that she has requested a one-month continuance, to which the government has agreed, but the judge has not yet approved.

Along with that news, Powell has tossed another bomb.

A member of Mueller’s team, Deep State Prosecutor Brandon Van Grack, had actually tried to get Flynn to lie to a judge and a grand jury.

Powell says she now has proof that this happened, including a red lined document that Van Grack sent to Covington, the Special Prosecutor from Special Counsel’s task force that conveys that fact.

She says this shows that they were trying to suborn perjury.

Powell has also filed a motion to allow Flynn to withdraw his guilty plea since the government changed the plea agreement against Flynn’s will.

Attorney Sidney Powell:   We have evidence now that they were actually trying to force Mr. Flynn to lie to a jury and a judge in the Eastern District of Virginia last year last summer, and they knew that’s what they were trying to do then. We have a red lined document showing Mr. Van Grack himself transmitted to Covington, the Special Prosecutor from Special Counsel’s task force, who’s still running this prosecution … And has a history.  He was with Mr. Weissmann on the Special Counsel operation and determined to take down General Flynn because that was their path to the president.   They had to prosecute Flynn to try to pursue the obstruction mess.

Lou Dobbs: So what is in store here? He’s due to be sentenced this month. Correct?

Sidney Powell:  Correct, but the government has already agreed for a motion for a continuum.  The judge has not entered an order on that yet, but they agreed to a 30-day continuance…

Lou Dobbs: This sounds like the most antithetical to justice case I’ve seen in recent memory, and I’ve seen some beauties and the other madness to overthrow this president.

Sidney Powell: What I am seeing and finding by the day is an absolute outrage.  What my three colleagues found before coming over here is that Mr. Van Grack actually changed the language in the statement of offense they created against General Flynn and knew that.  So when he tried to… when he said last summer that he wanted Flynn to testify to something he knew because he did it himself that it wasn’t true.  And if that isn’t subornation of perjury, I don’t know what is… And now they want to punish him (General Flynn) for not lying in his sentencing.

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