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BREAKING: Lt. General Michael Flynn Flips The DS On It’s Ear! Lawyer, Powell, Pulls His Guilty Plea!!!


OPINION| Lawrence David| Investigative journalist Ann Vandersteel has just broken this major news regarding the unjust (illegal?) prosecution of Lt. Gen Michael Flynn.

Those who have followed the government framing of Lt. Gen Michael Flynn will understand the significance of his plea change.  

Gen. Flynn was head of the Defense Intelligence Agency when he realized the Obama administration’s treasonous actions.  

DNI James Clapper not only wanted him removed from handling classified information, he wanted him silenced.  So, they framed him.

The FBI prosecuted him for something he didn’t do.

“The government has engaged in bad faith and vindictive conduct”

We will go into greater depth on this breaking story after we have a chance to compile more information.

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