Comey In Deep Trouble As FBI Opens Investigation Into Disgraced Former FBI Director Over Documents Leak


The Department of Justice (DOJ) is investigating whether then-FBI Director James Comey illegally leaked a Russian document that held secret information in it to The New York Times and The Washington Post.

The Times tried to downplay the review, which concerns a Russian intelligence document “claiming a tacit understanding between the Clinton campaign and the [Obama] Justice Department over the inquiry into whether she intentionally revealed classified information through her use of a private email server,” as the Post described it back in May 2017.

So, how did the FBI get the document?  Dutch intelligence got it on Russian computers and gave it to them.  Inside the document was a discussion between Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL), who was the chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), and Leonard Benardo, who worked with the George Soros-founded group Open Society Foundations.

BOMBSHELL!  In the document, Schultz revealed to Benardo that then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch would make sure that Hillary Clinton would never be prosecuted in the email probe.

Of course, the two deny having the conversation, and citing “people familiar with its contents,” the Post reported in 2017 that the document “has long been viewed within the FBI as unreliable and possibly a fake” by Russians.  Or was it?

According to the Times, officials now think Comey is one of those “persons familiar with” the contents of the document.  Yikes!

That document was more-than-likely the thing that caused Comey to unilaterally declare in the summer of 2016 the lie that “no reasonable prosecutor” would charge Clinton with a crime.

He did that without Lynch’s approval, usurping her powers as AG.  “No reasonable prosecutor” could be translated to Lynch won’t allow it to happen.

The IG found that Comey did violate FBI policy in his handling of the memos, which contained the “code name and true identity” of a sensitive source.

One official told Fox News, “Everyone at the DOJ involved in the decision said it wasn’t a close call,” and, “they all thought this could not be prosecuted.”

Comey wrote memos capturing his conversations with Trump during the days leading up to the day he was fired.  He gave those documents to Daniel Richman, a Columbia Law School professor and longtime friend, who turned around and handed them to the Times.

Comey admitted that he did that and for the sole purpose of leaking the memos to the media.

The FBI classified two of those documents after the fact, which still means Comey leaked classified documents, even though the DOJ went soft on prosecuting him because they were classified “confidential” after he leaked them.

Anyone else would have more-than-likely been prosecuted.

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