Ethically Challenged Soros Backed Prosecutor Accuses City Officials Of Wanting Her Gone Because of Racism


You can file this under the heading of chutzpah. Corrupt St Louis DA, Kim Gardner, has filed a lawsuit claiming that elected city officials are trying to drive her from office because they are racists.

She denies that it has anything to do with the fact that she is the most corrupt prosecutor in the United States.

Immediately upon taking over the office, Gardner announced that she would prosecute no cases coming from 28 police officers, with no explanation given.

She has been true to her word, putting a major drug dealer and someone who committed manslaughter and who even confessed to the crime back on the street, refusing to prosecute either case.

In addition, one-third of all prosecutors in her office quit after she was elected — and they are liberals!

The city officials whom she is suing are liberals. How bad do you have to be when your own party rejects you?

Police arrested a man in possession of 1,000 opioids and  $30,000 in cash, but because the arresting officer was someone on her banned list, he was never prosecuted.

In another case, a man was accused of manslaughter in the death of a seven-year-old child. He even confessed to the crime, but Gardner refused to charge him.

FOX 2 Now reported:

St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner on Monday filed what she called an unprecedented federal civil rights lawsuit, accusing the city, the local police union and others of a coordinated and racist conspiracy aimed at forcing her out of office.

Gardner, the city’s elected prosecutor, also accused “entrenched interests” of intentionally impeding her efforts to reform racist practices that have led to a loss of trust in the criminal justice system.

The lawsuit alleges civil rights violations as well as violations of the Ku Klux Klan Act of 1871. Gardner is black. The named defendants are white.

The lawsuit names the city of St. Louis, the St. Louis Police Officers Association, its business manager, Jeff Roorda, and Gerard Carmody, a special prosecutor who indicted an investigator hired by Gardner. It also names Carmody’s son and daughter, who helped in his investigation, and a former police officer who sued over Gardner’s use of private attorneys related to Carmody’s investigation.

“This is about the will of the people being silenced by a concerted effort to stop reform in the city of St. Louis, and this has to be addressed,” Gardner said in an interview with The Associated Press.

“This is saying, ‘No more are we going to let the powerful few who want to hold onto the status quo prevent an elected prosecutor from doing her job,’” she said. Gardner said she believes the lawsuit is the first of its kind and that she has the support of other progressive prosecutors.

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