Joe Biden Tips His Hand, Signals He’s Terrified Of Facing Consequences For His Actions, Tries To Play The Victim Over Family Tragedy


Opinion| Mark Sidney|  Ok, Joe Biden is clearly feeling the heat now.  From what I can tell, Joe seems to have finally caught on that he is going down … HARD.

I am not sure if you are paying attention to this narrative that the Democrats and their lackeys in the media are now pushing which claims that ‘the Russians’ ‘hacked’ Burisma.

Imagine my shock, Democrat corruption is on full display and out of no where we get another ‘Russian collusion’ narrative, just like magic.

If Trump got the Ukrainians to investigate the Bidens, as the media and Democrats insist he did, & basically impeached him over it, why would ‘Russians’ hack Burisma?

All the important info would come out in discovery, no?

For a myriad of reasons, not the least of which is that the thoroughly discredited MSM is actively pushing this narrative,  and the majority of that credibility was burnt up trying to expel Trump from office under the guise of ‘Russia, Russia, Russia’, this story just does not pass the smell test, in my mind.

When you combine this seemingly desperate attempt to somehow tarnish the evidence coming out of a Burisma investigation with Joe’s recent Tweets, and the fact that his rallies look more like funerals for 120 year olds who out lived all their friends and family, it seems like Biden is starting to realize what we all, already knew: the only house he has a shot at gaining access to is ‘the big house.’

The Gateway Pundit explains: ‘Leading Democrat presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden posted an emotional tweet Tuesday night about son Hunter Biden toward the end of the Democrat’s debate in Iowa. Biden spoke about tucking his children into bed as a young senator and then lashed out at Republicans for their attacks on Hunter (over his business dealings with the Ukrainian gas company Burisma while his father was vice president)’

“Child care is personal to me: I was a single parent as a young senator. I commuted home to Delaware every night to tuck my kids into bed. Child care should be affordable for every parent. #DemDebate”

Republicans have savaged my only surviving son. They’ve spread lies about me that networks won’t even carry. It doesn’t matter if they go after me. As President of the United States, I have to be able to not only fight — I have to heal. And that’s what I’ll do if I’m elected.”

While Biden appears to be a ruthless crony socialist, and a vocal proponent of a ‘New W0rld 0rder) one must feel for the old man over the fact that he has lost two children, something that no one, not even a tyrant should have to experience once, never mind twice.

Biden also lost his wife in the crash that ended the life of his daughter Naomi.

His other son, and name sake, Joseph R. “Beau” Biden III, died from brain cancer 4 years ago, at the tragic age of 46.

Joe Biden went on to get remarried 40 years ago to his second wife Jill, with whom he had a daughter, Ashley.

TGWP, and Illicit Info, pointed out that Hunter was curiously missing from the politician’s obligatory Christmas day photo.

Joe’s move from aggressor who boasted that he wished he could physically attack President Trump, to one seeking sympathy, as the investigators are apparently closing in, speaks volumes about how confident he is that he will escape his misdeeds without consequence.

Biden is not going to be the nominee, Trump could only be so lucky.  Biden will more likely be on the wittness stand or taking a plea than he will be taking the oath of office.  Tick tock Mr Vice President, tick tock.

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