Mazie Horono Repeats Democrat Lie That Trump Is Trying To Rig The Election, Senate Impeachment Trial


Senator Mazie Hirono, liar extraordinaire, has doubled-down on the Democrats’ accusations that President Trump tried to “rig” the 2020 presidential election, and has accused Mitch McConnell of trying to rig an impeachment trial in the US Senate.

“Just as the President tried to rig his reelection by trying to get the Ukrainian president to go along with his political scheme, he’s trying to with the help of Mitch McConnell rig the Senate trial,” said Hirono at the US Capitol.

In the old days, before Democrats gave up the charade of believing in Constitutional law and principles, Hirono would have been asked by Democratic leadership to stop throwing out such baseless allegations against the president, but alas, the coastal party of elites has exposed itself as the party of corruption, lies, deceit, and doing anything to gain power.  Minority leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) is as corrupt as the day is long, and so don’t expect him to rope her in when it comes to lying about Republicans.

In fact, I believe Hirono and other Democrats are the ones who have been trying to rig the 2020 election, because they know there’s no way for them to beat Donald Trump.  Everything they have done since the day Trump won the 2016 election has been to harm his chances in 2020 for reelection.  That includes the Russia collusion delusion witch hunt, now the Ukraine lie about things that never happened during a phone call, and dozens of other nonsensical allegations that are all geared to make Trump look bad.

Hirono is a crazy woman.  She was part of the nut jobs on the Senate Judiciary Committee who attacked now Justice Brett Kavanaugh with the most vile and vicious character assassination falsehoods, and is famous for stating publicly that men should just “shut up and step up” in that they should not question the false allegations made against Kavanaugh by Christine Blasey Ford, a woman who had no material witnesses, her best friend said she had no memory whatsoever of the event sexual assault event Ford says took place 30 years prior, and much of her testimony was never corroborated.

Ford got caught in several lies, and her own lawyer later revealed that it was all done, because leftists were terrified that Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court would be the chance for the high court to overturn Roe vs Wade.

Hirono is a progressive Democrat who, along with most other Democrats in DC, has demonstrated she has given up on western values of fairness and individuals being innocent until proven guilty.

The senator from Hawaii’s biggest problem with her new allegations against the president is that we have all read the transcript of the phone call between Trump and Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky, and there is nothing in it that comes even remotely close to what Democrats have said took place.

The Democrats are so off their rockers that the House has impeached President Trump for things that never happened, with only a single fact witness who testified exculpatory information that exonerated Trump.  That’s the reason why Democrats are claiming Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is “rigging’ the impeachment trial.  They themselves want to rig the trial to give them the outcome they want: to remove the president from office.

The House Democrats ran a shoddy impeachment sham, and now the party demands the Senate go along with their bullschtein impeachment.

Expect many more bombastic attacks against Trump by Democrats between now and the November election, because they now realize that this is more-than-likely the last time they will hold power in government for a very long time, and they will begin acting like a bunch of cornered rats.

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