Black Female Protester Hit Cop in the Face Twice, Then Gets Flattened [GRAPHIC VIDEO]


In Baltimore, a woman decided that she could hit a policeman in the face twice without consequences. But seconds later she is on the ground after a second policeman clocked her one that Ajax couldn’t take off.

The rioters across the country are becoming increasingly violent, especially in Minneapolis, where their weak mayor has surrounded by the mobs. They have free rein to do whatever they wish. They have damaged at least 90 businesses. Some of them burnt to the ground.

Will the big box stores and chain pharmacies refuse to rebuild, forcing residents to travel to another part of, town to fill their prescriptions. That happened in Ferguson and could happen here.

The rioters are destroying their own communities and have burnt Black-owned businesses to the ground. That is what makes me think the riots are a concentrated plot. George Soros has financed the Ferguson riots. Maybe he has a hand in this or maybe he did. My guess is that he did.

Here is the video that will send her to prison if convicted of assaulting the officer:


Some think the police were wrong in hitting this woman as she was assaulting A POLICE OFFICER.


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