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Democrat Rep Makes Disgusting Remark About Joe’s Accuser’s Vagina, Now Facing Pressure to Resign, Even From Democrats


Opinion| The Democratic party is walking a tightrope over how to deal with the accusations of sexual abuse by Joe Biden. They don’t want to damage Biden but they also don’t want Reade to be demonized because that would more readily expose their hypocrisy.

New Hampshire state Rep. Richard Komi (D) decided to share his unfiltered opinion on Twitter, writing that because of the position of the vagina, Biden could not have penetrated her with his fingers unless she made it available to him, which incensed many sexual assaults and rape survivors.

He then declared that Reade is lying and just looking for attention. This threw panic into the Democrats in New Hampshire that desperately want to keep the votes of women in the state.

He quickly deleted the post, probably with the urging of top Democrats in the state but a copy was saved before it was deleted.

New Hampshire House Majority Leader Steven Shurtleff asked Komi to resign. His call was quickly followed by the chair of the state’s Democratic party. Komi says he will make the decision on whether to resign in the next couple of days. My money is on he won’t.

From The Blaze

The New Hampshire Union Leader reported that Democratic New Hampshire House Majority Leader Steven Shurtleff asked Komi to resign for his comments, and by Friday evening, the chair of the state’s Democratic party joined suit.

Komi issued an apology for his remarks, telling the Washington Examiner, ‘I regret the poor choice of words that I used. It kind of portrayed me as someone who doesn’t care about women or the victims of sexual assault. That is not the case.”

He added, “It’s regrettable that I used those words. Those words do not reflect the person I am. I wish that I had chosen my words more carefully and I do apologize.”

The lawmaker told The Examiner he has not yet decided whether or not he will give up his seat, but that he will make that decision within the “next couple of days.”

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