James Carville To Clean Up Biden’s Mess: ‘American People Are Turning’ on Trump and ‘Joe Biden Is Fine’’


On MSNBC’s “Kasie DC,” on Sunday, Democratic strategist, the “Ragin’ Cajun” James Carville chimed in on the 2020 presidential race following Democratic presumptive nominee former Vice President Joe Biden catching some heat this week for telling black voters that if they don’t support him for president that they “ain’t black.”  Nothing to see here, right?

After saying Donald Trump’s “Access Hollywood” tapes and Biden’s recent remark are not “in the same solar system” and what Biden said will not “amount to diddly squat” on the subject of the election, Carville said that the “American people are turning on” Trump “by the day.” He additionally suggested Trump go play golf if he wants to turn the upcoming election to his favor, whatever that meant.

He’s right about a part of it, sort of.  The Trump tapes were a private conversation where Trump gave a commentary on what Hollywood fame does to people and liberals twisted it into something it was not, while Joe Biden on a very popular black radio program told black Americans that if they don’t support him over Trump they’re not legitimately black.  That’s not only not in the same solar system, but Joe Biden is also in another universe, and his comment is the only reason why the Crypt Keeper lookalike was pulled out of his lair.

So, Carville also thinks black Americans are a guaranteed vote for the Democrat, even after the 77-year-old white guy told black people he would not certify them “officially black” if they don’t support him.

“He [Trump] is getting beat, and he is getting beat bad. He’s getting beat in the Fox poll, in the Quinnipiac poll, in the NBC poll and he’s going to lose badly,” Carville said after a clip of Trump pointing out Biden’s gaffes and memory problems.

“The American people are turning on him by the day,” he added. “Joe Biden is fine. Joe Biden, I thought performed I thought superbly in a lot of the debates. And yeah, he says some things sometimes that come out the wrong way. Go look at Trump gaffes. Look at the things he’s said and the words that he has mispronounced. I mean, this is just silly. We don’t need to follow this kind of silliness that he puts out. And the idea that he’s going to go play golf and that’s going to turn this election around for him, that’s about the only hope left is go play golf, man. At least you’re not talking to the public.”

What is Carville smoking? Joe Biden is fine?  He has serious sexual assault allegations against him with tons of corroboration that the Democrats are trying to get the American people to ignore.  Biden is clearly suffering from dementia as he forgets where he is a lot of the time.  He has a history of race problems, including writing the 1994 crime bill that incarcerated a whole lot of black people for long sentences for non-violent crimes, something that President Trump reversed when he signed The First Step Act.

Trump has never polled well because the Left has demonized him so badly that most people willing to answer poll questions on the phone are afraid to say they are going to support him over Joe Biden.

This was nothing but damage control.  When the Ragin’ Cajun says it won’t amount to diddly squat, that means Team Biden is terrified.  The Democrats send Carville in whenever they need a political operative who has no problem going dirty.

And this won’t be the first time Carville has underestimated Trump and turned out to be wrong.  In September of 2016 Carville was asked by Vanity Fair’s “Hive” who was going to win the election.  Carville’s response was, “It’s hard to look at it right now and come to any other conclusion than it is going to be a pretty sizable win for the Democrats. It’s pretty hard to see anything else.”

Then, the Hive asked, “You’ve predicted that Clinton will win by a landslide in November, but she has a number of weaknesses, too,” to which Carville responded, “Whatever weaknesses Clinton has, Trump constantly covers them up. No, I think that here you are in a country where 65 percent wanted change. The country has been looking for something new, and Clinton has been a part of public life for most people’s conscious lifetimes—from First Lady to senator to secretary of state to two-time presidential candidate—and now she is seeking a third term for her party, which is traditionally a difficult thing to do.”

We all know how that election turned out.  This was a sign of Carville’s madness back in 2016.  He is a paid political operative who will say anything he’s paid to say, but his responses show that the Democrats did not see what was coming, and they don’t see it now.

After all the unbelievably horrendous things the Democratic Party has done since the 2016 election, from the Spygate debacle to the Mueller witch hunt, to trying to destroy Brett Kavanaugh’s life with known false allegations of sexual assault, to impeach a president who did nothing wrong, the American people are fed up with that party.  Only the extra-chromosome leftists will stick it out.  Trump turned the country around in just his first two years in office, and most people understand that he simply reversed a lot of the disastrous policies of past administrations.  Trump’s America First doctrine was a winner, and the forgotten men and women aren’t going to abandon him, especially now after all the evil that has poured from the Democrats trying to get rid of him.

Carville is on the path to being wrong again on Trump, and his emergence is just a sign of weakness on the part of the Democrats, not the president.

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