MSNBC’s Chris Hayes Says Trump ‘Has Gone on Jihad’


MSNBC(DNC) host Chris Hayes accused President Donald Trump of committing “jihad” against mail-in voting that’s becoming “dangerous” and “insidious.”

What’s dangerous and insidious is a member from the news media pushing for a Democrat scheme to steal the White House as Chis Hayes has now demonstrated.

“The president has gone on this jihad against mail-in voting that is, to me, bizarre, but also dangerous and irresponsible and really quite insidious,” Hayes said on his prime time show. “Now, traditionally, vote-by-mail has not been a particularly divisive or partisan issue. Utah uses it. Oregon uses it. The president of the United States used it. Republican campaigns tend to encourage it among people.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), the grand wizard of Democrat schemes, who has stated that Democrats will attempt to frame the issue as “voting at home,” told Hayes that she thinks even the president has no idea what he’s doing.

“I don’t know what he’s doing, and I don’t know if he knows what he’s doing. But what he’s doing is not right,” she said.

Vote-by-Mail is the Democrat’s scheme for how they plan to steal the White House from Trump who should win reelection easily.  For Pelosi to say what Trump is doing isn’t right shows how delusional the Speaker is.

Pelosi also pushed the idea that absentee ballots have benefited Republicans.  Not a single person in the mainstream news media will ask her, “then why are you for it?”  If it’s going to benefit Republicans, then why would the Queen Democrat be all for it?  Because she’s lying, and everyone knows it, including Hayes.

“The fact is, as a former Chair of the California Democratic Party, I can tell you Republicans, Dems have always enjoyed much success with vote-by-mail,” she said. “The absentee ballots have never been a good moment for us over time. So, they know how to use the mail for their voting. And there’s no scientific study that says one party or the other benefits from it.”

That is such a disingenuous statement.  Pelosi is trying to conflate absentee ballots from soldiers serving overseas to any voting American being able to vote by mail, absentee if you will.  That type of system is ripe for fraud, and it’s what Queen Nancy wants.

More soldiers overseas vote Republican than Democrat because the Democrats hate the military and Republicans respect and honor them.

Pelosi then insisted that voting during the coronavirus is a “health issue,” and it’s “more important to give people an option that is not a risk to their lives, as well.”

If you’re wondering how crazy the Democrats have become, this excuse of people who can go into supermarkets every day wearing a mask and being completely safe cannot go vote as normal, but wearing masks, is the reason why Democrats have refused to go to work as of late.  Pelosi is so committed to the lie of “we must protect every American voter from the virus” in order to use mail-in voting to cheat Trump out of the White House that for the first time in 231 years, the House, thanks to Pelosi, is voting by proxy.  Over 70 Democrat members of the House have already given away their vote to some other Democrat who will vote for them.  These members were elected by the people in their states to represent them, and now to push Pelosi’s scam they are allowing someone from another state to cast their vote for them.  Now, in the House of Representatives, there is 1 member voting for 5 states.  It’s a despicable move by Pelosi, who thinks no one will call her on it, because, “it’s for the safety and protection of the American people.”  BULLSCHTEIN!

“But, this is now a health issue. We talk about saving lives, testing; the livelihood, the economy; and the life of our democracy, vote-by-mail,” Pelosi said. “Now, people have to choose between their health and their vote. That shouldn’t be the case. We should always be removing obstacles of participation to the vote.”

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