NC Gov. Roy Cooper Encourages Rioters in Raleigh


Mass violence broke out Saturday night in downtown Raleigh, aimed at business on Fayetteville Street, in coordination with other orchestrated riots in other major Democrat-run urban areas around the United States, and Democrat Governor Roy Cooper encouraged the violence.

“George Floyd and so many others should be alive right now. People are angry, frustrated and sad, and I am too. If we don’t force our communities toward accountability and action then we haven’t learned anything,” said Gov. Roy Cooper.

The same burdens Cooper placed on law-abiding residents of North Carolina, over the past three months, did not apply to the rioters last night.

Cooper showed no concern over social distancing, masks or burden on the medical system, in tweets on Saturday night, while violence marked the streets of the capital city.


“The protests around the country offer a space for people to make their voices heard, but they must happen without violence and further loss of life. It’s time we have the difficult conversations needed to stamp out racism and end these unjust killings,” Cooper said.

Cooper claims to be safety-minded when it comes to the small business who sit empty, with no direction or direct assistance to help them understand his confusing reopen rules.



This seems hypocritical coming from the same Governor who had a man arrested for entering his own workspace in April with a journalist. as is the case with Matthew “Jax” Myers.

Recall, late April Roy Cooper had Myers arrested just for entering his tattoo shop in Apex.

True Pundit covered the story:

Tattoo Shop Owner Arrested For Reopening; Owner: I Have No Regrets, I Had To Take A Stand

Cooper showed great concern for the death of George Floyd, which is acceptable, yet he ignores the deaths of people who have committed suicide from depression over his shut down orders.

Yet, The Reopen NC Review knows that Cooper is aware of that death. Myers has a day of activism for Reopen NC every Tuesday downtown Raleigh to remind him.

Cooper has yet to respond.

He turned his back on the Reopen gathering and said nothing.

Cooper has yet to comment on the small business concerns, the suicides, the damage his Executive orders have cause his voters.

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