New Poll Is Terrible News For AOC


Opinion| There has been a lot of speculation that AOC will run a campaign against either Chuck Schumer or Kirsten Gillibrand.

But a recent poll shows that she would lose badly to either candidate.

In a match up with Chuck Schumer, Schumer leads AOC 54% to 21%. And against Gillibrand she loses 43% to 26%.

The game is probably not as close as the score may indicate and would be worse if AOC fails to win reelection to her House seat.

AOC’s progressive credentials might help her against some candidates but both Schumer and Gillibrand are both big-time progressives, so she has no big advantage against either one.

Before AOC decides to run against either one of the incumbent Senators, she must win reelection this year and that may not be easy.

Her part in killing the Amazon deal would make her a nonstarter with those who were hoping for a high paying job with the corporate giant.

Zogby said that The AOC/Gillibrand match up could be closer than his poll might indicate:

“The fact that Ocasio-Cortez is neck and neck with Gillibrand in NYC, and beating the former presidential candidate among younger voters, should be worrisome to the senator since many votes on a statewide level come from downstate, and Ocasio-Cortez has the name recognition to energize younger voters. Gillibrand should take note.”

From The Blaze

From Zogby:

Although Senators Schumer and Gillibrand are winning against Ocasio-Cortez in hypothetical Democratic primaries, the freshman congresswomen is performing well among younger voters and urban voters. If she were to energize both groups and benefit from a low turnout, she could shock the world again like she did when she ousted longtime Congressman Joseph Crowley in 2018. Also, women were the most uncertain of the surveyed groups, which could give “AOC” further leverage against heavyweights like Schumer and Gillibrand. By- Steven Ahle

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