Rosenstein to Appear as First Witness in Senate Judiciary Committee’s Investigation


The Senate Judiciary Committee has announced their first witness in their investigation on the beginnings of the fake Russia collusion investigation before Trump was elected president.

He has a lot to answer for but I wonder if he will answer many of the questions asked of him.

Some of the things Rosenstein should be questioned on is his agreement to wear a wire and his attempts to get the cabinet to implement the 25th Amendment.

He will also be asked about false statements he has made to congress in the past. Devin Nunes has said that he expects Rosenstein to be indicted on criminal charges for his actions.


Rosenstein started plotting the coup against President Trump right after he fired dirty cop, James Comey. Rosenstein appointed Robert Mueller as Special Counsel.

From The Gateway Pundit

On May 17, Rosenstein drafted his first of three scope memos authorizing Mueller as special counsel to investigate Trump’s 2016 campaign and beyond.

Rosenstein’s second scope memo written in August of 2017 used Hillary Clinton’s phony dossier as a pretext to give Mueller unchecked power to rove around.

The August 2017 scope memo was finally released with redactions a few weeks ago.

The August 2017 scope memo revealed Mueller investigated Mike Flynn, a 3-star General and Trump’s National Security Advisor for the “crime” of “engaging in conversations with Russian government officials” during the Trump transition — this was after the FBI had already cleared General Flynn!

Rep. Nunes suggested that Rosenstein will likely be criminally referred to the Justice Department for his role in Russiagate.

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