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She Denied It But Now We Know Gov Whitmer’s Office Authorized Large Contract to Democratic Consulting Firm


A month or two ago it was revealed that Michigan had given a contract to a Democratic Consulting Firm. At first, Whitmer denied the claim that she had doled out the contract but now we know that the contract was approved by the governor’s office.

The contract had called for the hiring of 400 of guess which political party, to gather health information on Michigan’s citizens. They would also try to trace the people DTMNBN positive people came in contact with.

The contract was signed on April 20th, 2020, and was canceled the moment it was first traced to the governor’s office. Whitmer doesn’t mind being corrupt, she just didn’t want to be proven to be corrupt.

Andrea Taverna, a senior adviser at the Department of Health and Human Services, said:

“We got the green light from EOG [the executive office of the governor] to move forward with a slightly different organizational arrangement of the contact tracing volunteer work.”

“This would still be working with Mike Kolehouse, so work there isn’t lost — it’s just organized somewhat differently.”

From Breitbart News

Despite those statements, Whitmer’s office has sought to distance her from the arrangement.

“When it was brought to my attention, I told them to cancel it,” Whitmer said during an April 22 press conference.

She also defended the department, saying it “does not have a political bone in their theoretical body.”

But no one has explained how Kolehouse, who has a long history of working exclusively for Democrat campaigns and progressive causes, came onto the scene to begin with.

Janice Kidd, finance and budget manager at the Michigan Public Health Institute, signed the agreement.

“The staff overseeing these programs will consist of the Owner/Operator, Director of Operations, and a 16-person management team. The management team includes two Project Managers and 14 Volunteer Managers who will each oversee approximately 400 volunteers,” it read.

Initial Payment: The first 4 weeks of services of $64,500, plus the cost of an estimated 50 shifts ($17,500), for a total invoice amount of $82,000. Once invoiced, the first payment will be due on May 1st.

Final Payment: The last 4 weeks of service will be based on shifts used in the previous month, subcontractor will adjust the bill accordingly. The invoice will include $86,000 for 4 weeks of management, plus the cost of an estimated 75 shifts ($26,250) for a total of $112,250. Once invoiced, the second payment will be due on June 1st.

Total payments from MPHI to the Subcontractor under this Agreement, shall not exceed the sum of ONE HUNDRED NINETY-FOUR THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY and 00/100 DOLLARS ($194,250.00). MPHI shall make payments to Subcontractor within forty-five (45) days after receipt by the Business Office of an invoice that has been approved by the project coordinator indicating the amount due and the subcontract reference number.


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