Since 2004 Rep. Nadler Believed Paper Ballots Were ‘Susceptible To Fraud,’ Then Trump Happened


President Donald Trump has been outspoken recently about the potential fraud that vote-by-mail will bring to the November election.  If he is looking for a high-ranking Democrat to join his crusade against mail in voting, he should look no further than Representative Jerry Nadler (D-NY) of all people.

Yes, Nadler, the creep who as chairman of the House Judiciary Committee shoved the Trump impeachment farce down America’s throat, is on a C-SPAN video back in 2004 where he came out against paper ballots during a congressional hearing.

At the hearing — wherein lawmakers examined perceived voting issues in an Ohio election — a member of the public spoke in support of paper ballots, later citing research by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) that she stated confirmed hand-counted paper ballots to be “among the most reliable” voting methods.

Nadler didn’t agree.

“Paper ballots are extremely susceptible to fraud,” he said. “And at least with the old clunky voting machines that we have in New York, the deliberate fraud is way down compared to paper.

“When the machines break down, they vote on paper – they’ve had real problems,” he added.

Nadler didn’t have a suggestion for a fully reliable voting method, however said, “There’s gotta be a way of getting the best of our methodologies.”  And by “the best” he means a way that Democrats win.

The lady from the audience continued her support of paper ballots.

“At least if there’s a miscount you can discover it,” she said. “You can’t discover miscounts with these machines.”

Nadler came up with the idea of an “optical scan with paper” as a compromise.  With a system like that, paper ballots can be scanned electronically.   However, he wasn’t prepared to approve of a hand-counted paper-based system, because the Democratic Party hadn’t yet figured out how to cheat the system.

“I want a paper trail, I want paper somewhere,” Nadler said. “But pure paper with no machines? I can show you experience which would make your head spin.”

But, now that Trump is in office and running for reelection, Democrats are changing their tunes on paper ballots, because they have a need to cheat Trump out of the White House, and vote-by-mail is their scheme to do it.

Earlier this month, Nadler accused President Trump of opposing mail-in ballots as a result of he was worried that voters “won’t vote for you.”  No, you brain dead moron.  He’s worried dead people will vote for his opponent.

We could do a story on how many issues Nadler has done a complete 180 on since Trump was elected, impeachment being one of them.

In a Tuesday morning Twitter message, President Trump asserted that mail-in ballots would be “substantially fraudulent” if used for the 2020 presidential election.

The president’s argument appeared in step with that of a 2005 bipartisan report prepared by a federal election reform panel chaired by former President Jimmy Carter and former U.S. Secretary of State James Baker.

“Absentee ballots remain the largest source of potential voter fraud,” the report concluded.

However a mail-in plan has been suggested for November in a $3.6 billion proposal this month by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

So, the Democrats want to cheat in the November election, and they want the American people to pay for it.  Uh, no thanks.

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