American Leftists Lost Their Minds Over Trump’s Walk To Iconic Church Rioters Set On Fire


On Monday night, President Donald Trump walked to the historic St. John’s Episcopal Church, located just steps away from the White House across Lafayette Park, as protests loosely linked to the murder of George Floyd raged across the capital and cities around the country.

This church has been visited by almost every president since it was erected.

See, that’s what radical Marxists do.  They destroy the symbolism of a culture that is iconic, in an effort to change the thinking of the people, and to send the message that you have had war declared on your way of life.

Media Trump haters and Democrats alike immediately claimed the president had “peaceful protesters” removed by military force and teargas so that he could do a “photo op” standing in front of the church holding his Bible.

The reality is, the protesters outside the White House on Monday, who were cleared by police prior to Trump’s walk and brief visit to St. John’s Episcopal Church, were “professional agitators” and the Fake News media fell for their “calculated” tactics, so said Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL).

Axios reported the event as “The president, accompanied by a large group of Trump administration officials, stood at the foot of the boarded up church, made brief remarks, and held up a bible for a photo. He did not take any questions.”  What did they expect him to do, sing Kumbaya with the radical element in the area that recently set fire to the church?

The president vowed to assume command in the event that governors fail to subdue violent rioters during his Rose Garden address and concluded by announcing his intention to “pay my respects to a very, very special place.”  From there, Trump left, walking to the historic church that rioters attacked Sunday night.  The clowns of the Left called Trump a fascist.

Protesters were cleared out ahead of  Democrat Mayor Muriel Bowser’s 7:00 p.m. curfew and Trump’s walk to the church.

According to White House Correspondent Philip Wegmann, protesters were “warned 3 times over loud speaker by park service and police to clear the area.”

What does it take for Trump-hating media and Democrats to recognize that the peaceful protest ended days ago, and the country has been a victim of an organized effort to create chaos with the eventual goal of destroying the America we all know and love?  What will it take, folks?

Here’s how bad it is with our so-called media.  Axios said of those who made the walk with the president, “Every single aide who traveled with him — including chief of staff Mark Meadows, press secretary Kayleigh McEnany, Attorney General Bill Barr, Defense Secretary Mark Esper, Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, among several others — was white.”

Good God, does that even matter?  Are we really in a day and age where a historic walk like that needs to be racially balanced?

Yeah, I said historic walk, because that’s what it was.   The Left has declared war on America, and they are exploiting the tragic death of George Floyd to do it.  Those out there looting and burning down cities aren’t doing it for Floyd.  His own family is saying George would never approve of what the radicals are doing in his name.

What’s going on is a coordinated attack on America by radical leftists millionaires and billionaires who hate Donald Trump so much that they are financing and orchestrating all of it.  All they need to do is pay ANTIFA to be activated and they’re off, causing mayhem.  The criminal element in every city in America aren’t teaming up with ANTIFA terrorists, they’re just hiding among the chaos to steal and destroy property.

But the Trump haters, whether they are aware of this or not, don’t care about the things they should care about at this point.

Raging progressive Marxists took to social media to express their outrage over both the president’s speech where he vowed to assume command in the event that governors fail to subdue violent rioters, and over his follow up action of holding up a Bible in front of the historic church alongside members of his staff.

Remember, the “peaceful protesters” did not burn the church.  They simply violated a Democrat-imposed curfew.  But you know darn right well that there were violent rioters and criminals nearby who had to be cleared out.

Joe Biden’s handlers tweeted a post he couldn’t remember.

Jennifer Rubin of the Washington Post and an MSNBC contributor responded to Biden’s handler’s tweet.

Is she asking for more riots and more churches to be set on fire, or is she asking for more bullschtein disinformation from Biden and the rest of the Democratic leadership?  I asked her that in response to her tweet, but I won’t hold my breath for an answer.

The queen nut of the Democrats, Hillary Clinton, chimed in.  She must still be angry that she tried to loot the country of as much wealth as she could and Trump stopped her.

Eric Swalwell farted out a tweet.  This man is as fake as Nancy Pelosi’s cheeks.

The most misnamed person on cable news, known homophobe Joy Reid, who I believe is mentally ill just by how she thinks, responded to blogger Greg Sargent by also calling violent rioters “peaceful protesters.”

Here’s the thing.  I didn’t see a single peaceful protester being attacked by police.  Every incident I’ve seen, and there are thousands of videos now, have been against violent ANTIFA rioters and city criminals acting out.

This one tells the story.  R.K. Hayes, a self-described film and television writer, posted a meme of the cop who killed Mr. Floyd, likening him to the Trump administration, and the other cop who stood by and didn’t step in to stop Floyd’s murder as GOP senators.  This is exactly why I’m telling you these people are evil and crazy.  George Floyd was murdered in a Democrat-run city inside a Democrat-run state, and the Left are trying their best to convince the country that the Republicans and Trump did it.

Folks, in case you haven’t yet realized it, what the Left is doing by exploiting the murder of George Floyd, is they have declared war on America.  All decent people agree that what happened to Floyd was heinous and depraved.  But what we’re seeing on the streets of America has nothing to do with it.  The progressive Marxists are at war, and nothing but brute force will end it.   Take a lesson from Democratic leadership throughout this and every other riot that happens in blue cities and states.  When you give a soft touch to rioters, they escalate their violence and at this point, all out murder is next.  Since Democrat governors and mayors refuse to deal with it, Trump’s call for military action may be the only thing that saves the country at this point.

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