ANTIFA Brats Get Destroyed By Portland Cops After Attempting To Set North Prescient On Fire


Opinion|  If you think Seattle is home to the kind of kids that you pray yous children will never grow up to be like, just wait until you see Portland.  Portland may well be the SJW & entitlement capital of the world.

Last night, according to a slew of posts on Twitter,  radical and violent Antifa militants and other radicals in Portland attacked, and attempted to barricade, the police’s Central Precinct last night.

Antifa had just  allegedly just set fire to the North Precinct:

Portland police issed an offical press release, whch reads:

Finally the cops had, had enough, and instead of retreating and letting the mob run the city, they did the only think one can do when countering a mob of entitled, spoiled brat children who have never had to face the consequences of their actions in the real world: they responded to their attack in kind, with a bum rush.

When you watch the video two things become clear, first, these kids in black are terrible when it comes to self defense, courage and doing battle.  Two, they maintain some odd sense of entitlement which leads them to believe they can burn the city down, attack innocents, and if they cops so much as stop them and push them back, the police are the problem.

As you well know, I am all for peaceful demonstrations and protests.  However the videos above show this is not was occurring on the ground.  I have a history of calling out police brutality when I see something a cop does that is messed up.  This was not that.  This, IMHO, was the cops defending their city and themselves.  Quite frankly, I think they showed great restraint.

Dear media, please stop signaling to demonstrators that burning things, over turning dumpster and violence are legit forms of protest, you are already have enough blood on your hands.

It is about time that we see some authorities standing up to the radical, likely marxist ‘black block’ mobs that are destroying our (mostly Democrat run) cities.  Enough is enough, ‘Law and Order’ … Trump keeps tweeting it, I’m ready to see it happen, how about you?

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