AOC, Sanders Back Kentucky Progressive, May Harm Moderate Dems’ Gains On McConnell


No sooner did a new poll confirm Kentucky Democrat Amy McGrath pulled into a statistical dead heat in her Senate campaign to unseat the incumbent, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, than some other news popped up that could give her campaign some serious problems.

On Tuesday, McGrath’s top Democratic primary challenger, state Representative Charles Booker, picked up endorsements from two big-name fellow progressives: U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) (D-NY).

“As Louisville has become an epicenter of national tragedy and protests due to the police murders of Breonna Taylor and David McAtee, Charles has shown leadership by showing up on the frontlines,” Sanders said in a prepared statement. “He was an endorser of our campaign for president and supports progressive policies such as criminal justice reform, Medicare for All, and getting big money out of politics.”

AOC stated Booker would make the Senate “a better place.”

Okay, it was decades of progressive policies that

“I’m proud to endorse him. Let’s go,” she added.

Booker, who is going up against McGrath in the primary contest on June 23, is hoping for the chance to face McConnell in November.  He’s running to the far left of McGrath, a former US Marine Corps fighter pilot who has positioned herself as a moderate in a state that President Trump beat Hillary Clinton by 30 points in 2016.

“I’m running for US Senate because, in this crisis, Kentucky needs a real Democrat to take on Mitch McConnell,” Booker said in his first TV spot.  Hey, at least he didn’t launch his campaign based on the Charlottesville lie the way Joe Biden did.

“Someone who will fight to guarantee health care and living wages for all, and not help Trump just get his way,” Booker added.

In the same ad, Booker additionally calls McGrath a “pro-Trump Democrat.”  That may actually help the former fighter pilot.

McConnell, 78, who held his seat since 1985, is Kentucky’s longest-serving US senator.  On Tuesday, his campaign responded to the news of the Booker endorsement from Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez.

“Amy McGrath has been operating an inauthentic, excessive marketing campaign for practically a 12 months, and she or he remains to be unattractive to Democratic voters,” McConnell marketing campaign supervisor Kevin Golden told The Courier Journal, seemingly more involved with McGrath than Booker, which tells us they believe Booker is easier to beat than McGrath. “It isn’t shocking that Democrats are already searching for a substitute.”

Booker has raised $700,000 simply in June and greater than $315,000 within the first three months of the 12 months, however McGrath, who’s backed by the Democratic Senatorial Marketing campaign Committee, raised practically $13 million within the first quarter of the 12 months.

“”Amy McGrath has been running an inauthentic, extreme campaign for nearly a year, and she is still unattractive to Democratic voters,” McConnell campaign manager Kevin Golden told The Courier Journal, still seemingly more concerned with McGrath than Booker. “It’s not surprising that Democrats are already looking for a replacement.”

Booker is supported by 16 Democrats in Kentucky’s Legislature, which is great, because McConnell will beat the snot out of him in the general.

McGrath has a one-point lead right now, but polls at this point still mean nothing.

Polls for this entire election cycle mean nothing.  The mainstream news media have been manipulating polls in favor of Democrat candidates since before George W Bush won the Oval Office in 2000 against former vice president Al Gore.   And they have only stepped it ever since.  The media and the Democratic Party have been focused on getting rid of Donald Trump since the day he was elected and going after Mitch McConnell is all part of that plan.   McConnell has been pushing the Trump agenda, and so the Democrats want to target him in order to help dilute Trump’s power.

If a poll says that McGrath is beating McConnell, it means McConnell is probably a couple of points ahead.  You cannot trust any polls being done by the media.  They lie, and they scheme.

It is wonderful though to see AOC and Sanders making the race look like a turd in the punch bowl for Democrats.  All of AOC’s progressive candidates took a bath in the last election.  In fact, I would think Booker would ask her to stay as far away from his campaign as possible.  Up until now, progressives have always been Trojan horse candidates, where they campaign as moderates or liberals, but then when they get into office they go full-blown progressive leftists and start pushing kooky radical policies.

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