Hollywood Celebrities Choose To Support Terrorists Over Innocent American People


The lines have been drawn.  Democrats and the Hollywood Left have sided with terrorists over innocent Americans, and are providing them support in kind.

Let’s be honest here.  You have to have just emerged from a cave if you don’t already know that the protests ended days ago, because they turned into violent riots across the country.  Just go on social media where there’s a plethora of videos showing rioters attacking innocent people.

Star of Netflix’s “The Politician” actor Ben Platt, is imploring white people to continue donating money to bail funds in order to keep rioters who’ve been arrested out of jail.

This scumbag took to social media to lend his fame in support of people who are terrorizing city after city throughout the country.

What’s going on now is the Left’s Tet Offensive.  They tried everything they could.  Four investigations into Russia Russia Russia.  A phony impeachment.  Exploiting the Chinese virus pandemic as much as possible.  Democrats and news media lied about President Donald Trump every day

Platt tweeted, “White ppl at home pls keep donating to the bail funds below. white ppl at protests, though we can’t control undue violence from police, pls dont perpetrate unrelated chaos that the media will blame black protesters & leaders for. Go to protect, support & listen. #BlackLivesMatter”


Peaceful protesters don’t get arrested.  Rioters get arrested, because they’re not peaceful protesters.  Peaceful protesters don’t get involved in assault, arson, looting and vandalism.

Platt also tweeted out a Good doc link that has dozens of bail bonds sites across the country in blue states where the majority of the rioting is taking place.  This includes the Minnesota Freedom Fund.

The main problem with this is the funds are more-than-likely being used to bail out ANTIFA and other violent rioters who have assaulted innocent people and destroyed innocent people’s property, people who burned an iconic church.

This is who Hollywood is asking you to bail out.

Rioters beat an innocent woman who was standing outside her shop.  This is the stuff Hollywood leftists, Democrats, and the Fake News media aren’t going to report.

Who is providing cities with bricks?  Rioters are finding pallets of bricks dropped off in areas where there is no construction going on.  Who is paying for this?  George Soros?

Folks, this is an act of war.



People are terrorized.

The president on Sunday announced that the US will designate Antifa as a terrorist organization. People offering money to bail out  Antifa members may find themselves in serious legal trouble for financing terrorism.  ANTIFA should have been designated a terror group years ago, but better late than never.

Platt is only the latest Hollywood star to push for bail funds for rioters. Chrissy Teigen stated she and her husband John Legend will be donating $200,000 to bail out rioters, whereas pop star Justin Timberlake encouraged his social media followers to donate to the Minnesota Freedom Fund.

Different celebrities giving bail money to rioters include Steve Carell, Seth Rogen, Don Cheadle, Olivia Wilde, Patton Oswalt, Nick Kroll, Janelle Monáe, Ben Schwartz, and actress Beanie Feldstein.

Even Ellen took the side of terrorists, trying to conflate them with protesters.

Hollywood has taken sides, and America should never forget it when the fires are put out and the smoke clears.

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