CNN’s Chris Cuomo Blatantly Lies About Trump Economic Gains For Black Americans


By now it shouldn’t surprise you that CNN will say and do anything to trash president Donald Trump.

Thursday night during his CNN show “Cuomo Prime Time,” host Chris Fredo Cuomo did a virtue signaling segment on how white people earn more money than black people.

It started out innocent enough, but then it took a turn toward the dark side.

Cuomo said, “White people make more money than blacks do, period.  Even if they have the same level of education.  Even if they’re in the same jobs.  In fact, that fundamental divide is as wide now as it was the year Dr. King was shot.”

A graph then appears on the screen showing percentages of black income comparison in 1968 at 9.4 percent, and ending up at 8.7 percent on the other end of the chart.

“So much for Trump’s economy being the best ever for black people,” Cuomo said in a mocking tone.  He added, “Not relatively, and relativity matters.”


The problem here is this scoundrel, this pond scum of a news anchor, this left-wing, Trump-hating political FACEBOOK_EDIT!&%$# just lied to his audience.  The worst part is that the creep invoked the name of Dr. Martin Luther King while telling a racial lie about our president, thinking like most white liberals that using Dr. King’s name will give you instant credibility when speaking about the black community.

How did he lie?  Did you catch the chart at the end?  His chart on black income ended in the year 2016, before Donald Trump took office.


More and more people have been pointing out that under President Trump black and Hispanic unemployment has gone down to record levels.  That’s not saying “under Trump” they’re at record levels.  It’s saying record levels of all time, and it happened under Trump.  CNN recognized it and they couldn’t have that messaging going on.  So, they got Cuomo to seed the lie, and now you’ll see and hear more leftists spread that lie.  But now you know why and how it’s a lie, so you can counter it when you come across a lying leftist.

The truth is that Donald Trump and the GOP Congress, before Nancy Pelosi took over as Speaker of the House, and before the Chinese virus came to our country, implemented policies and regulation cuts, many of which were targeted at minority communities, and the results were spectacular.

Here’s a real chart that goes to 2019, the latest figures we have available, and when Trump’s policies were already in place for a couple years.

In 2019, the jobless rate for Hispanics hit a record low of 3.9% in September, while black Americans maintained its lowest rate ever, 5.5%.

Chris Cuomo lied to his audience and the American people in general by trashing Trump’s economic record for black people by intentionally cutting off his statistics to the last year of the Obama administration before Trump took office and his policies exploded our economy.

Liberal Democrats will stop at nothing to hurt Trump in November, including blatantly lying by omission the way this SOB did Thursday night.  If Trump could create record low unemployment for all Americans, he can do it again.  #KeepAmericaGreat2020

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