David Harris Jr Shows His Pops a Little MAGA Love From His Beloved Audience


Our own David Harris Jr brought some sunlight to a pretty dark situation that has befallen on his family.  For those who didn’t catch the announcement during his nightly shows, David’s father, David Harris Sr, has been diagnosed with the (Disease That Must not Be Named) virus.

Mr. Harris Sr, 64, was admitted to the hospital in Redding, northern California because on top of the (Disease That Must not Be Named) diagnosis, he has several underlying conditions.   Elderly with underlying conditions, is the formula that makes you nervous when a family member gets hit with this particular virus.

David spoke with his father today and said his condition is good, and he should be out of the hospital in the next day or so.  Fingers crossed.

That’s great news, but while David Sr was in the hospital, street thugs attacked his car that was parked in the hospital parking lot and stole all four of the brand new tires and rims from the vehicle.  In the parking lot of a hospital!  They didn’t even have the decency to put the car up on blocks.

David’s father was a working man his whole life who taught his son what a hard-working and loyal family man looked like.  In other words, he was a great father, and the son now wants to do something to show his appreciation for all that his father had done for him growing up.

Imagine going to visit your father in the hospital, the man you always looked up to, and you find out someone took advantage of him when he was down.  It was too much to accept, so David came up with the idea of sending some MAGA love to his pop, and started a GoFundMe page with the goal of buying his dad a brand new car.

The reason he calls it MAGA love is that his father is not a political conservative, he doesn’t like President Trump, because he believes the lies that the Democrat Left and the mainstream news media throw out in public each and every day, including that Trump is a racist.  There’s tons of evidence showing the exact opposite, but the Left are masters at manipulating information to take anyone down.

But that’s okay because it’s his right to think and believe whatever he wants.  That’s what America is all about, and God Bless him.

So David wanted to show his pop what a little MAGA love would look like coming from the generosity of his loyal audience, mostly Deplorable Trump supporters, the greatest audience I’ve ever had the pleasure to write for [SHAMELESS PLUG].

Anyway, David started the GoFundMe page, which you can visit and donate by clicking here.  The original goal set was $10,000, but as if this writing the current tally sits at over $43,000.  Let’s work to get him a great new car and four spare tires to boot.

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Thanks, Terry

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