Democratic Senate Leader Lindsey Graham Criticizes Trump’s Visa Freeze Policy


Before you start sending me nastygrams saying that Graham is a Republican, I want you to prove that as a fact. I see nothing about Graham that even hints at conservatism. With 20 million Americans out of work, why do we need to import someone for those jobs?

Name a Democrat that does not agree with Graham or even a NeverTrumper for that matter. maybe even a RINO or two will agree with Graham but no self-respecting conservative ever will. Who else but liberals and those who think like liberals would take the side of foreigners over Americans?

No one would argue with Graham if we had more jobs than workers but we currently have more workers than jobs. Maybe Graham could run for office in India. He’d be a good fit for them. I can promise you one thing. In November, there is no way in hell I’m voting for Lindsey Graham. I won’t vote for the Democrat. Either one of them.

From The Gateway Pundit

A month ago Senator Graham joined with 8 other RINO Senators to offer work visas to foreigners.  Yesterday Senator Graham was at it again.

A month ago in May, nine US Republican Senators wrote President Donald Trump telling him not to restrict work visas for foreigners.

Lindsey Graham was one of nine RINOs who wanted to bring in more foreign workers when there millions of Americans out of work due to the impact of the China coronavirus.

Yesterday Senator Graham was back at it.  Senator Graham ripped President Trump again for his ban on immigrant visas per Inside Scoop Politics:

The order is meant to be part of President Trump’s promise to put American workers first.

“The President is taking decisive action to put American families and workers first in the reopening of the economy and DHS is proudly partnering with him to implement this important executive action..American citizens must be first in line for American jobs.”

Graham says he thinks it’s a dangerous move and will have the opposite effect on our economy.

“This decision, in my view, will have a chilling effect on our economic recovery at a time we should be doing all we can to restore the economy.”

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