FBI Director Wray Refuses to Answer When Asked if He Was Personally Responsible For Hiding Exculpatory Evidence From Flynn (VIDEO)


Fox News political anchor Bret Baier interviewed soon to be former FBI director Christopher Wray. It isn’t what he said that will put a lock on his ouster, it’s what he didn’t say. Baier asked Wray point-blank if he was the one responsible for hiding the exculpatory evidence in the Gen Michael Flynn lynching.

Wray completely dodged the question which isn’t that important since we already know what the truth is. Nonetheless, Wray said:

“I think we’ve tried very, very hard to be transparent and cooperative with all the relevant congressional committees.”


Wray has been obstructing justice and the FBI has lied to several judges by claiming that evidence did not exist when in fact it did. He is part of the Deep State that has been trying to run out the clock for the last two years in order to give the Democrats a chance to regain the White House, even with Dementia Joe leading the way for them.

From The Gateway Pundit

“Were you responsible for holding back from Congress some of that stuff?” Bret Baier asked Wray referring to documents exonerating Flynn.

“I think we’ve tried very, very hard to be transparent and cooperative with all the relevant congressional committees,” Wray said dodging the question.

FBI Director Chris Wray was previously accused of withholding evidence in the General Michael Flynn case.

FBI Attorney Dana Boente was also accused.

In April, the FBI denied Director Wray withheld exculpatory evidence in the Flynn case, but the FBI said nothing about Boente’s actions.

The Appeals Court on Wednesday upheld the Justice Department’s request to drop the criminal case against General Flynn.

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