FED UP: Seattle Residents, Businesses Sue City For Endorsing And Enabling ‘Lawless’ CHOP Zone


Businesses and individuals inside what was previously known as CHAZ and the CHOP are suing the city of Seattle over Mayor Jenny Durkan’s decision to allow mob rule within the six square block occupied zone.

Durkan labeled it a block party.

Even she finally decided to remove chop after four people inside the CHOP were shot, one fatally.

But prior to that Police Chief Carmen Best had said that there had been rapes and robberies inside CHOP and that BLM and Antifa were extorting money from businesses to remain open.

The suit was filed in the  United States District Court for the Western District of Washington. The suit calls for unspecified damages to be determined by the court.

It is unprecedented that a mayor of a US city would abandon businesses and individuals in the name of political correctness and I could see Durkan tried for treason in a perfect world. But in a perfect world, there are no Democrats.

The lawsuit reads in part:

“Among other things, the lawsuit claims that the city’s actions amount to an illegal ceding of public property without due process. The lawsuit says the city has actively endorsed and enabled the CHOP.”


From The Daily Wire

“The city’s decision,” they continue, “has subjected businesses, employees, and residents of that neighborhood to extensive property damage, public safety dangers, and an inability to use and access their properties.”

“The result of the City’s actions has been lawlessness,” the plaintiffs’ lawyers told media. “There is no public safety presence. Police officers will not enter the area unless it is a life-or-death situation, and even in those situations, the response is delayed and muted, if it comes at all.”

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