For Democrats the Writing is on the Wall. Too Bad They Can’t Read


Liberty University president Jerry Falwell Jr., recently in a podcast interview, said Democrats are making it simple for Republicans this November and that a conservative sweep, resulting from the Chinese pandemic virus crackdown madness and George Floyd-inspired out-of-control rioting, is in the works and too bad, so sad, however, that’s the way the liberal cookie crumbles.

And he’s correct. The Democrats have to know that their time left for being in power is short. Why else would they be acting even more loony tunes than normal all of sudden?

They are losing their minds because in their desperation they’re realizing that they’re just not smart enough to find their way out of the corner they painted themselves into.  Just take a look at the Democrat-led blue states.

Look at the Democrat governors of the nation, with their crazed executive-order insanity, busily knocking down Constitutional limitations to keep their own citizens under house arrest, fully face-masked, fearful of going to the polls and dependent on mail-in-voting.  It has been their plan for some time because mail-in voting is how the Democrats expect to cheat enough to beat Donald Trump in November.

Look at all of the destruction in the streets.  Check out the signs of leftist anarchist “summers of resistance” Nancy Pelosi style insurrection, which is everywhere.

America is dealing with a Democrat-orchestrated maelstrom of turmoil and chaos on our streets that blue state and blue city leaders have allowed to happen.

This is one of those times when you scratch your head and wonder if you really do understand the Left.  There are times when you see something the Democrats are involved in, and though it’s already terrible, you can’t immediately figure out why it’s happening.  You just know there’s some other motive for it, but you have to wait until they expose themselves.  This is one of those times, because they had full, 100 percent agreement from across the land.  Nobody thought what happened to Mr. Floyd was acceptable.  It was one of those rare moments in time when all people across all divides had the power to act in unity to do something about it, and the Democrats ruined that special moment.  They ruined the moment because of their thirst for power.  They thought a countrywide uprising would bring them power.

Part of the Marxist model is that chaos helps the Marxist plan.  In this case, Democrats.

They thought they could create chaos throughout the country and use it to convince the American people that police officers in a Democrat-run city, inside a Democrat-run state, who murdered an unarmed and subdued black man, did so because of President Donald Trump.  They want you to believe that because Trump fights back, because he’s abrasive in the counter-punch, that the white police officer who held his knee on Floyd’s neck, did so because Trump sent some esoteric dog whistle that made him do it.  Yes, it’s absurd on the face of it.  Yes, it’s ridiculous to even think people would instantly believe that.  Yes, they know they have members of their party stupid enough to believe it.  And so, they threatened the safety and security of an entire nation, just to help them defeat Trump in November.  Oh, the books that will be written about that.

I believe the Democrats already know that their mission failed.  They know they blew it.  They realize nobody fell for such nonsense outside of the extra-chromosome leftist who believes anything the party apparatus tells them to believe.

And they also expect America to believe that Joe Biden, who has been hiding out in his basement throughout most of the last three months, is the answer to Trump.  Give me a break.

Forbes wrote a piece headlined, “Why Democrats Should Be Losing Sleep Over Generation Z.”   This is yet another reason the Democrats know their time in power is limited, because Gen Z voters, who were born after 1995, are considered “more conservative than many realize” as  Business Insider put it, in a recent headline.

The piece went on to report that research reveals “Gen Z is more individualistic, more conservative both socially and fiscally” than Millennials.  In fact, Gen Z “is possibly the most conservative generation since World War II,” Forbes wrote.

That is a nightmare scenario for Democrats.

Americans know that President Trump turned the country around, from a depressing Obama “new normal” to a powerhouse economic engine helped the forgotten men and women, and even though Democrats tried to destroy Trump’s economy, the economic jobs numbers for May came in and shocked everyone.  The news was so good that even NBC reported on it saying,  “Unemployment rate falls to 13.3 % as economy gains surprise 2.5 million jobs despite coronavirus.”

Fox News wrote of the jobs report, “Trump predicts 2021 will be ‘best year’ for US economy after May jobs rebound.”

And judging by how they’ve done things so far up to this point, don’t think the Democrats won’t come out with more hit jobs that are even more ridiculous than everything they’ve thrown at the country so far.  I am convinced that top Democratic leaders hold meetings, either in person or while they’re cowering at home trying to convince people that the virus pandemic is still a serious problem, for ways to harm Americans that they can blame on the Trump administration.

In short, Democrat politicians realize their time is short, but they’re too stupid to come up with ways to fix it.

Don’t take November lightly.  Don’t become complacent and think “We got this, they don’t need my vote.”  On the contrary, we need every vote available to defeat the coming Democrat voter fraud in every state, to reelected Donald J Trump, to keep the Senate and take back the House.  A Donald Trump free from the senseless distractions of the Democrats could help the American people drive our country to new heights of opportunities the likes of which were never imagine.


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