Hollywood’s Rob Reiner Goes On Twitter Bender, Tweets: ‘A Vote For Trump Is A Vote For Death’


Opinion| Mark Sidney|  Just in case you are not aware of this by now, Rob Reiner, you know, the guy from that show you used to watch when you were a kid, really, really, does not like the President of The United States.

In my humble opinion, Mr. Reiner seems to be a little … obsessed with Mr. Trump, and this unhealthy obsession is nothing new.

Back in March Reiner was telling his Twitter following that:

‘We will get through this. But unfortunately not with the help of this President. First he must be removed from the public square to let competent experts take over, then he must be removed from office to allow US to heal.’

Rob has been on a mission to see to it that our duly elected President is removed from office, and Rob has been ‘Oscar Mike’ for years now.  However, in the last week the Hollywood authoritarian (and HRC lover) seems to be increasing the intensity of his crusade against President Trump.

VIA: Newsbusters.com

Last Thursday Reiner Tweeted:

‘Donald Trump is a failure as a President. But worse, he’s a failure as a human being.’

The next day he couldn’t help himself, predicting that, Joe ‘wait, who am I again’ Biden, was going to win in a ‘landslide’ in the 2020 election:

‘Make no mistake Trump’s firing of Jeffrey Berman is a desperate attempt to save his ass. The Corruption & Lawlessness of this sick Sociopath makes one’s head explode. Biden will win in a landslide because of one word: ENOUGH!’

Here is a picture from Joe Biden’s last rally, you can just smell the energy wafting off the screen … President Trump took a second to note how absurd and embarrassing this photo is:

Yes ‘fact checkers’ there were more than 2 people there … and yes, less than ‘a million,’ too.

The very next day Robert was at it again, soaking up all those 40,700 dopamine hits from the heart icon taps his followers provided:

‘The President of the United States is a criminal. For the preservation of Democracy, he must not be allowed to escape the consequences of his crimes. Fortunately, he can’t fire the AG of New York State.’

The following day Rob thought hitting Trump on the size of his hands … and crowd, after touting Biden, was a good idea:

The only thing smaller than Trump’s hands is his crowd size.’

Wait for it ….

‘The mountain of corruption is so vast that concrete proof of Barr’s political use of the DOJ to protect Trump’s criminality, which would be one of the biggest scandals in US history, is a mere blip. The insanity will end on Nov.3.’

Aaaaaand there it is:

‘A vote for Trump is a vote for Death.’

The ‘projection’ here is as thick as it gets, as even Joe Biden has talked about the idea that he may not be alive much longer as The Gregg Jarrett reported:

‘The human gaffe machine known as Joe Biden lived up to his nickname at a campaign stop in Clinton, Iowa. Biden explained that he wants to make sure his running mate is prepared to take over as president. His reason? “I’m an old guy.” Translation, “I could die in office at any time.” While his honesty and ability to grasp reality is refreshing, it cannot play well with voters.’

Let the Irony flow through you ….

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