Joe Biden Repeats Racist Lies About Trump Once Again!


Joe Biden virtually accused President Donald Trump of giving credibility to “racist f–ks” in a speech in Philadelphia last week, but he stopped himself just short of using the filthy word.

The near gaffe, caught Saturday by The Sun, happened on Thursday during a roundtable discussion, as Biden recounted what he described as Trump’s history of racially divisive statements.

“When a president speaks, no matter how good or bad he is, people, listen,” Biden said.

People listen to dementia-laden presidential candidates who make up lies about his opponent too.

“And when he speaks and gives credibility to these racist f–,” Biden said before hesitating after which saying “folks” as an alternative.

“I better watch my language. Folks out there, they come out from under rocks,” he said.

What kind of “credibility” did Trump give to racists?  Seriously, what “racists” is he talking about?  What racists are on the national stage right now during a crisis of riots in multiple blue states?  The president condemned the murder of George Floyd and ordered a federal investigation.   If Joe Biden is claiming Trump is a racist for coming out against violent rioters and looters who are harming many innocent black American lives in those communities, then Biden is a lot dumber than we ever gave him credit for.  And that would deny belief in a Benevolent Being.

Trump began his 2016 campaign by decrying “Mexican rapists,” and in 2017, he praised “very fine people on both sides” of a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Va., Biden said.

Trump never said all Mexicans were rapists.  The Fake News media changed the word “their” to “they’re” in an effort to make it appear that the man who just announced he was running for president would claim all Mexicans were rapists.  It’s just not true.

That’s the same lie Biden launched his 2020 campaign based on, where he said Trump called neo-Nazis and white nationalists “very fine people.”  Biden was told, on video, that it was a lie, because Trump condemned both groups during the same Charlottesville speech, and Biden is still repeating the lie to this day.

Hear what President Trump said during the Charlottesville speech that CNN and MSNBC edited out so politicians like Biden who have an actual racist past can accuse Trump of doing:


Is there an ounce of credibility in all of the mainstream news media?  Why will no one point out that Biden us blatantly lying?

Folks, please spread this story so that friends and family who still believe Trump called the two hates groups very fine people can see for themselves that they’ve been lied to.  Trump was merely pointing out that outside of the hate groups, including ANTIFA on the Left, there were normal Americans who were there and believed what they believed, but were not racist.  It is an outrage that Biden continues to lie this way.  The only way we can get the truth out is through your help spreading the message.

If you have especially strong Kool-Aid drinkers of the Left, point out to them that the leftist site Politico has posted the entire Charlottesville speech and his condemnation of the two groups is there as well.  Tell them to search on the term “I’m not talking” to find the reference Trump made.  Trust me, the Trump-hating Politico wouldn’t fake the speech in favor of Trump.

Biden never talked about his own more recent, widely condemned comment to Charlamagne Tha God, after the radio host informed Biden  in an interview that he was an undecided voter.

“Then you ain’t black,” Biden told the very famous black radio host.

More importantly, the Fake News media never once mentioned the time when Biden, the Democratic presumptive nominee, referred to a KKK affiliated organization as having “many fine people” in the group.


Ask yourself, if that video is so easy to find on YouTube, how come the media hasn’t been pointing out, while the constantly approve of Biden’s lies about Trump?

Over his congressional career, Joe Biden has repeatedly reached out to known racist Democrats to work on programs.  He was against busing, and most importantly, Biden wrote the 1994 Clinton crime bill that, among other horrible things, made it so that many people in the black community got very long prison sentences for non-violent crimes.  President Trump, however, reversed Biden’s racist crime bill by signing the First Step Act, which, among other things,


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