Judge Refuses to Halt Bolton’s Book, But Then Threatens Him With Jail Time


Judge Royce Lamberth has turned down Trump’s bid to stop the sale of disgraced former Trump official John Bolton despite the fact that he signed a nondisclosure agreement and agreed to allow his book to be vetted by the FBI for confidential or classified materials.

But, it’s not all wine and roses for Bolton after Lamberth laid the remainder of the ruling on him.

Since he did not allow vetting of his book, he could lose all profits for his book if it is determined he did indeed include classified material, and on top of that, he could be sent to prison.

The judge did not rule that the book could not be released because the publisher had already sent copies to the press and other outlets and the contents would end up on the internet anyway.

Several people including Mike Pompeo and Richard Grenell has already made claims that Bolton lied in his book.

Several others have as well but that doesn’t matter because Democrats will perpetuate the lies anyway and Biden’s voters do not have the gray matter to tell the difference.

From The Gateway Pundit

US District Judge Royce Lamberth on Saturday morning denied the Trump Administration’s effort to block the release of Bolton’s book titled, “The Room Where It Happened: A White House Memoir.”

The White House sought an injunction to block the release of the book saying the book is filled with classified information.

An excerpt from John Bolton’s book was released to the Wall Street Journal on Wednesday and Lamberth cited this reason in his 10-page opinion as to why he won’t block the release of the memoir.

Lamberth argued the book had already been distributed to reporters and could then be disseminated online.

“For reasons that hardly need to be stated, the Court will not order a nationwide seizure and destruction of a political memoir,” Lamberth wrote.

Judge Lamberth blasted Bolton and said the fired National Security Advisor could still be exposed to criminal liability and stands to lose profits from his book.

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