Mayhem and Riots Last Night in Harlem as Democrat State and Local Leaders Tell NYPD to Stand Down (VIDEO)


Mayor Bill de Blasio has very few followers and those who do follow only do it out of morbid curiosity. It’s like following a drunk driver because you want to see where he is going to wreck his car at. The only difference is that de Blasio is wrecking an entire city.

On Saturday night, mayhem and shootings were the main attractions, with eleven people being shot in just twelve hours. There was also looting, burning and assaults as far as the eye can see. That is because the police were ordered to stand down instead of breaking up the rioters.

De Blasio says that crime isn’t nearly as bad as some people say. He says it’s a vicious rumor started by three million victims. (Satire)

Last week alone, eighty people were shot. Murders have increased by nearly 50% compared to the same time last year. burglaries have spiked more than 122% and grand theft auto is up by 56%. Shootings have increased by 341% and the number of shooting victims has increased by 414%.

From The Gateway Pundit

Defund the police, right?

Mayor de Blasio should resign in disgrace.

There was absolute mayhem and anarchy last night in Harlem when police responded to a shots fired call.

Rioters threw projectiles and glass bottles at a police cruiser last night in Harlem as the police stood down.

There was rubbish and broken glass strewn everywhere as rioters ran wild in the streets.

“This is what a “light touch” looks like: Police officers responding to a shots fired job in Harlem last night were met with this.

@NYCMayor, @NYCSpeakerCojo and company should be held responsible for surrendering our city.” the NYC Police Benevolent Association said.



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