Mayor in Washington State Says BLM Riots are ‘Domestic Terrorism’ Only After They Attack Her Home


A Washington state mayor was pretty much okay with the Black Lives Matter (BLM) protests that began after George Floyd’s death while in police custody in Minneapolis.

But that only lasted until BLM vandals damaged her own house, according to reports.

Now, Mayor Cheryl Selby of Olympia refers to the protests as “domestic terrorism,” says ‘The Olympian.’

“I’m really trying to process this,” Selby told the newspaper on Saturday after the rioters’ Friday night spree left her front door and porch covered with spray-painted messages. “It’s like domestic terrorism. It’s unfair.

“Welcome to the party, pal,” said John McClane.

“It hurts when you’re giving so much to your community,” Selby added.

The mayor and her family were not at home at the time so they weren’t in peril, the report said.  But neighbors placed a call to the mayor to let her know about the damage to her house.

Earlier this month, Selby issued a press release saying Olympia would not impose a curfew on protesters demonstrating against Floyd’s death.

“Let me be clear: The City of Olympia supports the peaceful protests that highlight the racial injustices black people continue to endure at the hands of police in the United States.”

Half the problem isn’t the police, it’s progressive politicians who have created really awful policies for their jurisdictions that have led to problems in black communities everywhere they’re tried.  Problems like high unemployment, high murder rates, high drug and alcohol abuse, high rape, burglary, and assault crime rates.  Progressive policies by Democrats who have controlled large cities across America for decades, some a hundred years, all have these same problems.  It’s not the police who cause all these problems, it’s the progressive Democrat policies that breed crime, destruction and darkness for their residents.

Selby was listed in the Fuse Progressive Voters Guide of 2019

Olympia, she said, was “not without sin in this matter.”  Oh, really?

“We are a predominantly white community next to communities that are far more diverse,” Selby told The Olympian. “That tells us that we are not, we have not been as welcoming and nurturing to communities of color as we’d like to think. The light switched on in America by Mr. Floyd’s murder shines glaringly on Olympia, as well.”

Wait a minute.  This dingbat mayor is saying that her city has to nurture communities outside the city?  Who elected her to do that?

Democrats are now in the blame game where after blaming everything happening on Donald Trump they act like they’re reflecting on past problems within their own jurisdictions for people of color, but they always make it seem like it’s their fault, but not because of something they did, but because they didn’t take enough action to stop the goings-on in the community.  That’s total rubbish.  What’s going on in bad communities is decades of really bad policies, like letting peaceful protests turn into looting and riots but continuing to refer to them as a peaceful protest.   When you allow bad behavior to go on, you’re going to get more bad behavior, and when left alone long enough, it’s going to escalate.  But the politicians “feel good” about themselves for placating violent people at the expense of the rest of their communities.

One other BLM supporter, ESPN writer Chris Martin Palmer, who commented “Burn it all down,” when retweeting a photo of a Minneapolis building in flames in late May, had a unique response when rioters came close to his house, The Sporting News reported.

“Get these animals TF out of my neighborhood,” Palmer wrote. “Go back to where you live.”

With progressives, it’s what’s good for thee is not good for me.

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