Minnesota State Rep. Warns Antifa and Muslim Groups Plan to “Police Minneapolis Under Muslim Rule”


Minnesota State Rep. Steve Green is warning about what will happen in Minneapolis once they disband the police and what he thinks will happen is frightening. He believes that Antifa and Muslim groups will begin patrolling the city. That’s already happening in Europe and even in New York City.

In NYC, Muslim patrols work the streets in uniforms designed to resemble that of regular NYC policemen. They drive cars that resemble NYC patrol cars.

The Muslim Community Patrol (MCP) patrol and they enforce  the “fundamentals of the Sharia.” That is what Green sees as happening in his state but currently limited to Minneapolis, where they have voted to abolish the police and replace them with a ‘community-led public safety system.’

What would that look like? Evidently they will not be equipped with anything that could be considered lethal. So what do they do in hostage situations or an armed robbery suspect who is heavily armed? Can social workers protect the people?

There will be an enforcement vacuum and that vacuum could be filled with Muslim patrols. It’s not a foregone conclusion, but it is possible. There are pockets with a largely Muslim population. Many from Somalia.

Green said:

“What you’re looking at, in my humble opinion, is communism moving into Minneapolis and St. Paul.”

Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch  took a deeper dive in a Frontpage Mag article:

If members of the local community end up policing Minneapolis, what might that look like? Back in 2016, a series of Minneapolis Muslims in man-on-the-street interviews stated matter-of-factly that they preferred Islamic law over American law. We have seen Sharia patrols in Germany, Britain, and even New York City, where the Muslim Community Patrol (MCP) is decked out in uniforms that strong resemble New York Police Department uniforms, and drives cars carefully designed to look like NYPD cars, to enforce “fundamentals of the Sharia.”

Muslim leader Siraj Wahhaj explained what that meant: “The mosques need protection and the MCP cars can help stop people who were not following the rules and regulations of the sharia, doing what they’re not supposed to be doing, but still doing it.” According to a Muslim involved with the MCP, this would involve stopping “Muslim women being out after dark, Muslim men hanging out in the corners doing dope, Muslims drinking liquor,” and enforcing, “basically, the fundamentals of the Sharia.”

If such a community patrol is launched in Minneapolis, it is likely to focus on the same things, but not do anything about the fact that the 5th Congressional District in Minneapolis, Rep. Ilhan Omar’s district, is the jihad terror recruitment capital of the United States. Stopping young Muslims from engaging in jihad activity is unlikely to be a high priority for a group that is dedicated to enforcing Sharia, since Sharia calls upon Muslims to wage war against and subjugate unbelievers.

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