New York City Collapsing Into Hellhole Under Socialist Mayor As Cops Begin To Flee, Filing For Retirement At Nearly 50% Higher Rate


I’m not sure what Deblasio’s endgame here is, or what he thinks it is, but he is going to turn the city back into the one seen in the iconic movie, ‘The Warriors.’

However, I do not think we will so lucky as to see it get turned around by the likes of a Rudy Giuliani this time, as it appears the Dems are going for a complete and total Marxist revolution, from which there is no turning back …

Opinion| Ahle| This week in NYC 272 policemen and women put in for their retirement.

Last year over the same period there were 183 officers who retired.

That is an increase of barely under 50%.

Some officers decided not to wait to get thirty years before retiring because of the increasing danger de Blasio and Cuomo have created by doing away with the 600 person plainclothes officers who helped keep the numbers down low.

De Blasio is also planning to reroute $150 million intended for police to other “priorities.”

In NY state many criminals get released without posting bail. As a result, some criminals are arrested multiple times in the same day. One man was arrested three times in the same day. Is it any wonder that the crime rate is soaring? It will get far worse before it gets even a little better.

With the recent spate of retirements, the police department will see a decrease in experienced officers.

With less experienced officers on the street, the odds of something going wrong could increase greatly.

From Breitbart News

Mayor Bill de Blasio has vowed to cut funding to the NYPD and Commissioner Dermot Shea has announced the disbanding of the city’s 600-officer undercover anti-crime unit that was responsible for keeping shootings and violent crime down.

The exodus from the NYPD comes as violent crime in New York City keeps surging, partially thanks to the state’s bail reform policy that eliminates bail for most nonviolent crimes and many violent crimes.

Murder has increased by nearly 50 percent in New York City over the last month compared to the same time last year. Likewise, burglaries have spiked more than 122 percent and grand larceny auto has increased more than 56 percent.

In the last week, shootings in New York City have increased by more than 341 percent, with a 414 percent increase in shooting victims compared to the same time in 2019.

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