Paris Dennard on Biden: The Democrats have ‘Put a Bigot at the Top of the Ticket’ [AUDIO]


During an appearance on Breitbart News Saturday on SiriusXM, Paris Dennard said he expects the 2020 election to be a sharp contrast between President Donald Trump and Joe Biden, specifically in terms of how it relates to delivering for black Americans.

Donald Trump has fought hard for black Americans, more than any president of my lifetime.  He has real achievements on his record, unlike Joe Biden who has been in the Senate since dinosaurs and hasn’t really accomplished much of anything in all that time.

The host, Matt Boyle, noted that, in Biden’s time in the US Senate, there have been six resolutions that would have declared Juneteenth a national holiday, and Biden didn’t co-sponsor any of them.   And that includes one that was proposed by then Senator Barack Obama in 2006.  Now, all of a sudden, the Democrats are trying to tell us that Biden will be the savior of black Americans.    He has no record of doing so, going up against Trump, a man who really went out of his way to keep the promises he made to America if he won, especially to minority communities.

Dennard added that Trump is asking Americans to take a look at his record and “Ask, ‘what have I done for you lately?’ Ask, ‘What have I done for you for the past two and a half years?’ Ask, ‘What am I going to do for you in the future?’

““When you ask the same questions to Joe Biden, the answer is, ‘Nothing but harm, destroy, and pretty insulting,’ because I think Joe Biden is an old bigot who doesn’t really care about advancing anything except for his career,’” he said.

Dennard added that Biden’s actions are nothing more than “pandering, and he should stay in his basement.”


He noted to Boyle that Biden has a 44-year history “…of being a bigot. His record of saying overtly racist, offensive things, insulting things to black people, about black people, about Indian-Americans, is out in the open.”

Dennard said whoever Biden picks as his running mate, she’s gonna to have to “take on his baggage.”  And it’s a lot of baggage to handle.

Boyle asked if Black Lives Matter and the protests and other race-based actions are supposed to keep black voters supporting the Democrat Party.

“One-hundred percent,” Dennard said.

“They’re nervous because President Trump in 3.5 years has done more for the black community than any other president in history in that first term,” he stated.

He added that the Democrats have “put a bigot at the top of the ticket.”

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