Nancy Pelosi: Republicans are ‘Trying to Get Away With … the Murder of George Floyd’


On Tuesday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) had the gall to say “Republicans” in the US Senate are “trying to get away with … the murder of George Floyd,” accusing the Republicans of not giving in to horribly-written Democrat anti-policing legislation.

Wait, what?

Democrats are sleazy, but Pelosi is the Queen of Sleaze.  Her party, not letting a good crisis go to waste, offers up some of the most radical proposals on so-called police reform, knowing Republicans would never go for it, just so they can act like they are the ones who want to stop police brutality, even though it usually happens under Democrat jurisdictions.

CNN reported that “Democrats are on track to block a GOP-led police reform bill” introduced by Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC), whereas Senate Democrats have supplied competing legislation championed by Senators Kamala Harris (CA.) and Cory Booker (NJ).

During an interview with CBS News Radio, Pelosi talked about the gridlock, saying of the Republicans, “The press has given them so much play for this unsalvageable piece of legislation and they say, ‘well, can’t you compromise with that?’ No, it’s because it is no and we are yes.”

The speaker gave an instance of the parties’ differing proposals, telling the outlet, “We’re saying no chokeholds. They’re not saying no to chokeholds. I mean, there’s a big difference there. What’s the compromise? Some chokeholds? I don’t see what the compromise is.”

The difference is simple, but Pelosi is too stupid to understand it.  The Left is calling anything around the neck a chokehold, and that’s a load of bullschtein.  A chokehold is when the windpipe is about to be crushed by something harmful, like the ulna in your forearm, a baton, a nightstick, or what have you.  That can kill someone and should be banned.  However, there are other defensive moves that will knock a perpetrator out momentarily without harming him in any way.  One way is instead of using the ulna, someone could use the crook of the elbow around the neck, which would cut off their carotid arteries, which supplies blood to the brain.  I know, it sounds dangerous as hell, and if you’re not trained on how to do it, it could be, but it’s very easy to train police officers on how to do it properly.  Trust me, that move is used in martial arts schools every week and we don’t hear about a massive number of deaths in martial arts studios.  The carotid hold would knock someone out for about 30 seconds and that’s enough time for police to cuff the guy.

The Democrats are lumping all moves into the chokehold category, and Pelosi is lying through her teeth about why Republicans are turning away from the bill. Republicans want police reform, but they don’t want to take away real tools police use to protect themselves, the people they are arresting, and the communities in which they serve.  Democrats want to appease the very people who want to dismantle police departments by putting cops in positions where they can’t defend themselves.  It’s despicable.

Pelosi added, “For one thing to happen, they’re going to have to face the reality of police brutality,” she continued. “The reality of the need for justice in policing, and the recognition that there are many, many good people in law enforcement, but not all and that we have to address those concerns.”

The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) took to social media to tweet the truth about Pelosi’s behavior:

“Either @SpeakerPelosi knows what she is saying and should immediately apologize or she doesn’t know what’s she’s saying and is no longer fit for public office.”

Listening to this brain dead woman lecture about Republicans not wanting to face the reality of police brutality makes me sick to my stomach.  All throughout our history it has been Democrats in charge of cities and states where police brutality overwhelmingly happens.  New York, Ferguson, Baltimore, Minneapolis, [INSERT DEMOCRAT JURISDICTION HERE].

Pelosi is trying to frame the death of George Floyd on Republicans after he died at the hands of police in a Democrat-run city inside a Democrat-run state.  She’s got bigger balls than the NFL.

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