Police Deputy Was Having Breakfast In Local Cracker Barrel When This Happened


Two black ladies made a Tennessee police officer’s day this week when they paid for his breakfast and left him a note where they thanked him for his service saying, “BLM, but so does yours!”

Sumner County Patrol Deputy Jody McDowell was so moved by their act of kindness he posted on his Facebook page on Tuesday, “I want to thank the two sweet black ladies who paid for my breakfast this morning.  While waiting for transport to be completed, I decided to have breakfast at Cracker Barrel near the Nashville airport. I received this note from them.”

The note read: “BLM [Black Lives Matter] but so does yours! Thank you for your service. Breakfast paid.”


McDowell told Fox News that the two women stopped by at his table to thank him for his service in person before they left. After that, his waitress stopped over and handed him the note, telling him that his bill had been taken care of.

The deputy told WKRN-TV that the kind ladies were headed out to catch their flight back to Baltimore, Maryland, but he does not know their names. He hopes they see his message of gratitude.

Wow!  In today’s climate of social unrest, this was an incredible act of kindness that apparently made such an impression on the deputy that he went and shared it with all the world.

I don’t know about you, but I needed to hear this story.  We’re all so on edge these days, watching mainstream news twist reality to push a harmful narrative for our country, that it takes a toll on your spirit, and makes you turn to trust your faith evermore.

God Bless those two ladies who brought a little sunshine to not just the police deputy, but to all of our lives during a time of darkness.  There’s always hope and kindness in the American people if you just look for it.


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