Portland Police: Protesters Tried to Burn Down Precinct with Officers Inside While Setting Up Autonomous Zone


Riots broke out in Portland on Friday as a demonstration took a violent and destructive turn as protesters set fire to a local police station that was occupied by police officers at the time.

They also set buildings next to the station ablaze and looted at least one business, while vandalizing others on the one month anniversary of George Floyd’s death.

They even tried to set up their own  “autonomous” zone. Police called the rioting as unlawful assembly and several arrests were made that the Portland DA will decline to prosecute.

Portland police actually responded to the threat because Mayor Ted Wheeler is up for reelection.

The Portland Police Bureau’s North Precinct was set on fire, endangering the lives of the officers and other employees within the building.

Portland is known for violent demonstrations but since they weren’t election year for the mayor, city officials tolerated it and their police officers stood by and watched the carnage.


KOIN reported:

According to police, the north side of the North Precinct was set ablaze around 2:15 a.m. In response, officers used CS gas to disperse the crowd — a few canisters of which were thrown back at police by some protesters. Earlier in the night, demonstrators reportedly attempted to create an autonomous zone outside the precinct before an unlawful assembly was declared.

Police say several businesses were looted overnight after windows were smashed and more fires were set. Although it is not confirmed which business was looted, Top to Bottom on NE MLK Boulevard had restoration crews out early Friday morning installing new windows and clearing debris. A nearby bank is believed to have been vandalized as well.


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